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Acts Retirement-Life Communities Harnesses Salesforce to Address Covid-19 Challenges

Acts Retirement-Life Communities Harnesses Salesforce to Address Covid-19 Challenges

Acts Retirement-Life Communities

Acts Retirement-Life Communities has been setting the standard in retirement living since opening its first of 26 continuing care retirement communities in 1972. Acts started partnering with CRM Science in 2013, deploying Salesforce to enhance the resident experience and gain buyer insights.

Using Salesforce Community and Service Cloud solutions, the team at CRM Science recently streamlined the meal request process supporting community culinary operations at Acts. CRM Science built a custom mobile Lightning Community resident portal featuring a user-friendly interface to make it easy for residents to order meals, participate in virtual activities, connect with other residents, request services, and so much more.

Solving Senior Living Challenges with Salesforce

Innovations developed by CRM Science have contributed to a 470% increase in digital resident engagement and a 12% increase in new customer move-ins. The Salesforce platform helps provide over 5,000,000 meals and 1,000,000 activities to 10,000+ Acts residents annually and supports growth through both development and affiliations.

The partnership between CRM Science and Acts Retirement-Life Communities has been so successful, in fact, that it was a winner of the 2019 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for revolutionizing business processes at Acts through the Salesforce platform.

Changing Tech Priorities During COVID-19 Quarantine

When shelter-in-place orders became widespread due to the Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, executives at Acts Retirement-Life Communities realized they had to shift priorities and take action quickly.

Acts Retirement-Life Communities serves senior communities, who encompass the most vulnerable population during the Coronavirus pandemic. Keeping residents safe is the top priority for Acts, and therefore for CRM Science.

The challenges at Acts communities included:

  • Delivering meals and services using contactless methods.

  • Providing critical communication quickly and efficiently.

  • Screening vendors and staff before entering Acts facilities.

  • Ensuring residents remain connected by staying in touch with friends and family.

To meet these challenges, the CRM Science team was asked to enhance and further develop Acts’ Salesforce solutions.

Making Quick and Thoughtful Decisions to Keep Everyone Safe and Informed

The challenges that COVID-19 has posed on our communities are endless. But it is especially challenging for those that look forward to the visits from family members and friends. Remaining connected to loved ones is extremely important. So among the first solutions Acts has launched is a mobile-friendly contact form that friends and family of residents can use to stay connected to loved ones and their caregivers. Closely related is a feature that residents and prospective residents can use to report changes to their information and request additional information. The self-reported data that Acts receives through this functionality is then automatically updated in Salesforce, so that staff has access to the most recent information.

Another functionality CRM Science has developed is the ‘concierge’ wellness check, through which residents can report how they feel, if they have had contact with family, if they need groceries or medicine delivered, and what they're doing to stay mentally and physically healthy.

As a leader in senior living, Acts Retirement-Life Communities has been leading the way in how to use technology to engage residents. The mobile resident portal that was built using Community Cloud has been enhanced to facilitate the current needs of residents. For example, a video functionality allows Acts staff to post daily video updates with critical information, wellness activities and “Daily Devotional” messages to provide cheer and hope to residents and to encourage physical activity through COVID-19.

While the health and safety of residents is a top priority, Acts also recognized it needed solutions for vendors and staff who enter the Acts facilities. Using the Salesforce platform, CRM Science enabled Acts to reduce wait time for those entering the building by completing health screenings for all digitally. This Health Screener App replaces paper forms and works in conjunction with Acts’ time tracking software to enable a rudimentary process of contact tracing.

Rising Above

Thanks to the Salesforce solutions that were custom-built for Acts’ unique needs during the pandemic, Acts is able to rise above the challenges that COVID-19 has posed on our communities.

  • Using the Health Screener App, Acts evaluated the incident of exposure while residents, employees, and visitors are on site. Since the solution was deployed in April, over 300,000 people were screened before they could enter Acts facilities.

  • Concierge wellness checks have helped residents voice their needs without any in-person interaction during the quarantine, whether it is the need for groceries or emotional support. Close to 500 concierge calls were made during this period.

  • Over 600 resident family contact information details were collected to extend communications to families of residents during COVID-19 and subsequent staged openings across the nation.

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At CRM Science, we use our Salesforce expertise to transform your enterprise. Partnering with our clients throughout the Salesforce journey, we strategize and optimize business processes, and develop solutions across every Salesforce cloud. CRM Science is an award-winning Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner and a Registered Partner.

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