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Salesforce Managed Services Plans (MSP)

CRM Science is a trusted Salesforce Managed Services Partner
offering plans for Enterprises, ISVs, and Nonprofit organizations.

Depend on a consistent managed services team from 
CRM Science for increased flexibility and scalability
of your Salesforce efforts.

Reduced Costs

Guaranteed Capacity at Reduced Cost

Managed Services

Guaranteed Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Team Delivery

Team Delivery with Scheduled Access to SMEs

Managed Services Plan Details

Monthly capacity reservation


Resources availability on time and materials basis beyond capacity reservation.


Discounted hourly rate for monthly capacity reservation


One year commitment

Numbered Bullets (3).png

Service-level agreement (SLA) during capacity reservation (1 business day to acknowledge and 2 business days to resolve or provide plan for resolution)

Insights from our Team

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