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AI-powered Marketing: How Broadridge AdvisorStream and CRM Science Enhanced Client Engagement

AI computing in ISV using Salesforce & CRM Science


Broadridge Financial Solutions has provided the critical infrastructure that powers corporate governance, capital markets, and wealth and investment management for over sixty years. Their industry-specific technology, solutions, data, and intelligence power business transformation, helping businesses proactively handle today's challenges while preparing for what's next.

Broadridge Advisor Solutions, a visionary entity within Broadridge Financial Solutions, has carved a niche by offering innovative, technology-driven solutions to revolutionize the financial services sector. Their hallmark platform, AdvisorStream, is an AI-powered digital marketing platform that helps Financial Advisors drive growth without adding to their workload. It is a complete Marketing System for Wealth Firms/Advisors that takes care of marketing so Advisors can focus on clients. AdvisorStream automates social media, email marketing, client newsletters, lead capture and nurturing, website integration, licensed content, AI insights, smart automation, and robust compliance tools.

AdvisorStream wanted to give clients access to the AI-powered marketing data within Salesforce, allowing its customers (Salesforce end-users with their own Salesforce instances) to review the AdvisorStream platform's marketing history and recommendations. This solution would alleviate the current pain point for customers who need to be logged into both systems and manually replicate data between the two, which can be time-consuming and prone to entry mistakes.

Broadridge has considered CRM Science its trusted partner to develop five AppExchange products. When looking for a solution, they immediately contacted CRM Science to create a seamless integration between AdvisorStream and Salesforce. 

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"CRM Science has a solid track record of delivering on commitments for Broadridge. Their subject-matter expertise has been instrumental in us bringing new apps to market this year. On top of everything else, they are enjoyable to work with. - Vice President, Strategy & Business Development

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In pursuit of a solution to this key challenge, Broadridge Advisor Solutions partnered with CRM Science to develop a seamless integration within Salesforce. This integration enables customers to access critical marketing insights and recommendations without toggling between two platforms. 

First, we tackled the data migration challenge between Salesforce and AdvisorStream to ensure a seamless flow of information. Our solution facilitates the smooth migration of Contact and Campaign data from Salesforce to AdvisorStream, allowing for consistent updating and management of client information. 

Conversely, we established a process for migrating Lead, and Campaign result statuses from AdvisorStream to Salesforce. This process ensures that Salesforce users always have access to the most current data, enhancing decision-making processes and enabling more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. 

Together, these functionalities form a robust framework for integrating and managing data across platforms, significantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of users' marketing efforts.

Next, we introduced three essential lists within Salesforce to address specific needs identified by the team. These lists include "Content Sent," which displays the content sent to the related record in Salesforce, providing users with a historical overview of communications. The "Content Interacted With" list shows which content the related record has engaged with, offering insights into the preferences and behaviors of the audience. Additionally, the "Recommended Content" list provides valuable recommendations on what content should be sent next, enabling users to tailor their communication strategies effectively.


The collaboration between Broadridge Advisor Solutions and CRM Science resulted in an efficient Salesforce application that streamlines the integration between Salesforce and AdvisorStream. This application dramatically improves operational efficiency by providing users with direct access to essential marketing insights and data within Salesforce. 

Now, within Salesforce Advisors can:

  • See AdvisorStream content that was sent to their clients

  • Identify the AdvisorStream content that their clients viewed

  • See AdvisorStream's AI-powered content recommendations and send them directly from Salesforce

  • Synch contacts and campaigns between AdvisorStream and Salesforce

By combining powerful marketing automation with highly engaging content licensed from the world's biggest publishers, Broadridge AdvisorStream helps Advisors:

  • Drive measurable growth by providing a highly captivating investor experience

  • Attract and convert leads with timely, investor-focused communications

  • Spark action with daily updated content on financial topics and trends

  • Save time with automation that keeps your marketing fresh

  • Uncover revenue opportunities with AI-powered insights on client interests

  • Done for you marketing across social media, email client newsletters, and more

The ongoing partnership between CRM Science and Broadridge continues to impact the wealth management industry with thoughtful and valuable insights and tools that increase efficiency and drive measurable results.


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