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Empowering Hunger Relief: Roadrunner Food Bank's Transformation through Salesforce Integration

Empowering Hunger Relief: Roadrunner Food Bank's Transformation through Salesforce Intergration

Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico, the state's largest nonprofit aimed at combating hunger, supplies food to numerous partners, including food pantries and soup kitchens, impacting the lives of many New Mexicans facing food insecurity. The organization operates under a food distribution hub model, delivering nearly sixty million pounds of food annually and adapting to increased demand since the COVID-19 pandemic. They also run a comprehensive food rescue program that salvages millions of pounds of food from various sources that would otherwise be wasted​​​​.

Roadrunner Food Bank is involved in efforts to eradicate hunger through job training and advocacy initiatives. Their Second Chances Job Training Program aids individuals facing employment barriers, while their advocacy efforts include assisting people in applying for public benefits like SNAP. The organization emphasizes community involvement through volunteering and donations, underlying the importance of collective action in their mission to end hunger in New Mexico​​​​.

In their mission to enhance operational efficiency and service quality, they focused on three key areas in their business: expanding Salesforce to their Partner Management and Call Center teams to better fulfill their mission, enhancing Partner Management workflows and data transparency to reduce duplication and improve communication, and improving the Call Center's efficiency and service quality through on-screen guidance and automation, aiding all staff members in delivering consistent assistance for inquiries like food support.

“I felt our partnership with CRM Science was a good fit from the beginning. At no point during the process did I feel pressured or regret our decision to pick them to work on our project.” - Chief Information Officer

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To tackle these major challenges, Roadrunner partnered with CRM Science to enhance its Partner Relationship Management and Call Center capabilities through advanced Salesforce integration. 

First, we worked with the Roadrunner team to implement a system to streamline communication with partners, efficiently tracking activities such as emails, calls, and calendar events. We enhanced workflow efficiency with automation and guided user experiences tailored to manage vital data like food inventory and locations within Salesforce, ensuring data integrity and minimizing errors. This led to the Partner Management team's enhanced efficiency, significantly reduced manual tasks, and improved data accuracy, as reflected by positive feedback from partners and enhanced strategic planning.

We then helped Roadrunner redefine client services by reconfiguring the Service Cloud and Service Console, creating a more responsive and effective platform for handling inquiries. By integrating advanced features like Path and Guidance for Success, we empowered agents to provide exemplary customer service, aiding them in identifying suitable partners for their constituents' food needs. Our work included the seamless integration with the existing 8x8 system through an AppExchange application, streamlining operations significantly. This transformation was evident through the improved service experience, as noted by reduced redundancies and enhanced agent responsiveness across various communication channels, culminating in positive feedback from clients and volunteers.

Overall, our intervention marked a significant leap forward for Roadrunner Food Bank, as evidenced by streamlined operations, enhanced service quality, and an influx of supportive feedback from all stakeholders. Our successful implementation of Salesforce for both the Partner Management and Call Center teams improved their day-to-day operations and fortified Roadrunner Food Bank's enduring mission to eradicate hunger in New Mexico, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning through improved data management and operational efficiency.


Roadrunner's collaboration with CRM Science illustrates the power of strategic partnership and technological innovation in overcoming operational challenges. As Roadrunner continues to grow and serve the community, the enhanced Salesforce instance is a testament to their commitment to efficiency, communication, and technological advancement.


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