Increasing Salesforce Community Portal Engagement with Retirees

George, an Acts Retirement-Life Communities resident, spent his life working in manufacturing, and he had never used a computer before moving to the community. His sons pitched in and bought him a smartphone for his 80th birthday, and he was still learning how to navigate the phone’s features. When George moved into an Acts community, his sons showed him how to order his meals using email on his smartphone.

George’s use of email to order his meals continued until he had trouble tracking his meal orders. Some days, George couldn’t remember if he already ordered his meals, and other days, he called the dining line to confirm meal orders he placed days before.

Streamlining Digital Requests

Noticing a trend in meal request confusion, the IT team at Acts decided to take action. Enter: the lab coats at CRM Science. Acts and CRM Science have a longstanding relationship, and the teams evaluated the situation and quickly reached a solution.

Using the Salesforce Community and Service Cloud platforms, the team at CRM Science streamlined the meal request process at all Acts communities. CRM Science built a custom mobile Lightning Community resident portal featuring a user-friendly interface to make it easy for residents to order meals — and so much more.

In addition to ordering meals through the portal, residents can register for activities and view a custom calendar with their event details. They can request assistance with technology or laundry. And they can even connect with residents across all 16 Acts Retirement-Life Communities through the Salesforce Community Cloud Chatter feature.

Now that George has a knack for using the resident portal, he always knows what’s for dinner. What’s even better? He has connected with dozens of new residents through Social Feed, and he always has fellow golfers from his community to join him on the course.

When George needed a new light bulb installed in his ceiling fan, his independent spirit kept him from asking his sons for assistance. He found the ‘General Maintenance’ button in his resident portal and placed a request for a new light bulb. An Acts representative knocked on his door an hour later, and George’s ceiling fan issue was quickly resolved. George was pleased with the newfound independence the resident portal provided for him.

Increasing Engagement

The resident portal uses context awareness to create user interfaces that are relevant to each resident. For example, the portal uses information like geographic location, typical requests made through the portal, and interactions with other users to tailor the user interface to each resident who uses it.

Residents like George are embracing the new resident portal, and engagement at Acts has increased by 470% since launching the portal. The mobile community has also lead to three-times more digital requests by residents. And, each year, the platform contributes to successfully providing over 10,000,000 meals and 1,000,000 activities to Acts residents.

However, CRM Science’s role in transforming Salesforce platforms for Acts reaches far beyond Community Cloud.

Revolutionizing Sales and Marketing Processes

Feeling a push to upgrade their Salesforce Marketing and Sales Cloud platforms, Acts worked with CRM Science to accomplish several goals.

Data from incoming inquiry calls lived outside of Salesforce (CallTrackingMetrics). The CRM Science team integrated CallTrackingMetrics, which instantly solved the inquiry call tracking issue and gave Acts a better picture of the customer journey.

The goal was to give Acts’ marketing team a more efficient way to track calls and measure ROI from campaigns. With 16 million campaign members across 13 campaigns, Acts was not able to run detailed reporting. To solve the issue, CRM Science built a better campaign structure by creating a multi-level campaign hierarchy. Call leads are automatically tied to sub-campaign for easier reporting within Salesforce.

And finally, prospect discovery was poorly tracked throughout the system, often written on notepads. The Sales team could not measure buyer sentiment. Bringing the process into the 21st Century, CRM Science implemented a prospect / sales journey with reports and dashboards to track overall and individual metrics, which resulted in a 210% increase in targeted and personalized communication.

After all of the upgrades to Acts Retirement-Life Communities Salesforce orgs, Acts saw a 12% increase in scheduled move-ins. They also created new revenue streams by identifying fees attached to Work Order Line Items. Salesforce implementation supports continued growth of 3-5 community facilities per year.

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With extensive experience maximizing ROI for Salesforce orgs at Senior Living Communities, the CRM Science lab coats take pride in providing resident-centric consulting services in the industry. Contact us to learn how we can solve your Salesforce puzzles.

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