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Winter (‘22 Release) Is Coming…Awesome Admin Edition Part 1

Salesforce Winter Release Notes for Admins

With fall and winter around the corner, Salesforce has unveiled some fire admin features in their Winter ’22 Release to keep you warm on those cold days ahead.

While the Salesforce release notes offer a plethora of information, it can often be overwhelming for the average administrator to digest. Where do you even begin? Fear not! Part 1 breaks down some of our favorite features that all admins can avail of in this release. Head on over to Part 2 to learn more about the wonderful things coming to Flow! (Pro Tip: Every year, the Salesforce team releases this matrix to help sort through features - you’re welcome!)

Part 1

General Features: What every Admin should know

Admins - don’t forget that by Feb 1, 2021, ALL Salesforce customers are contractually obligated to use MFA for direct or single sign on login to any Salesforce product. If you’re struggling with where to start, the Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant is a great tool (please note, this is only available in Lightning) to help guide and keep you on track!

Setting up MFA

MFA Assistant

Save time on adding or removing users from a Permission Set license. You no longer have to go through the tedious process of removing a user one by one. Simply go to the permission set license and do everything from there!

Permission Set License Standard Einstein Activity in Salesforce

This nifty new feature allows admins to set up custom messaging based on a record type so that specifications of that page layout or picklist can be addressed. The In-App Guidance builder now allows you to select a specific record type when building a single prompt or walkthrough.

This is not a new feature, but this is something all admins should be aware of - and take advantage of. With new resources, Admins can be more time-efficient and learn quickly, as and when they need to. Simply click on the learning path and dive in! New content includes setting up:

  • MFA

  • Health cloud

  • Field Service

Simply click on the ‘Learning Path’ icon in the global header

Quick Action Bar

Some Worthy Mentions

Here are some quick tips worth mentioning for this release:

Salesforce is making a lot of upgrades when it comes to reports and dashboards. In the last release, they debuted Inline Editing of Reports (which allows you edit picklist, date, and lookup fields). With this release, Dynamic gauge charts are in beta. Before this, all segments (low, medium, high) values would have to be entered manually by editing the component. With Dynamic Gauge Charts, you just need to update a field, and the segment target changes.

You can now control what objects are used in the global search, and in what order they appear for instant and top search results.

The security center now has a new threat detection feature set that some admins have been asking for a while now.


As always, the possibilities with Salesforce are endless. With every release, Salesforce is empowering Admins to do an endless multitude of tasks with clicks, not code. With resources like the Learn MOAR trailmixes, you can focus on features that interest you and come up to speed quickly. Happy learning!


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