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Orion: Multiple Salesforce Org Consolidation Following Acquisitions Streamlines Business Processes

CRM Science & Orion Advisor Tech Multiple Salesforce Org Consolidation Streamlines Business Processes



Orion Advisor Technology (Orion) is a tech powerhouse, designed to bring together leading-edge technology and wealth management. Through an all-in-one advisor platform, Orion powers the success of growth-focused advisors, helping them compete more successfully. Their goal was to consolidate multiple orgs into one to streamline all business processes.

After several acquisitions, Orion needed to consolidate all of their business activities and data, which were spread across multiple orgs into one org, ensuring that all business logic and architectural conflicts between orgs were reconciled. Cleaning up the data was crucial to eliminate duplicate Accounts and Contacts from inbound data synchronization architecture.

Turnover and changes in sales personnel meant numerous manual changes to a custom configuration, resulting in excess time and wasted resources. A new and improved sales structure was required to streamline processes and create consistency.

Orion sought a way to implement modern, efficient workflows for various processes using Salesforce to create a single source of truth with accurate, clean data.

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Our Solutions

Orion and CRM Science with a long-term plan to combine salesforce orgs, tackle multiple initiatives across their business, and provide ongoing support.


CRM Science built a custom architecture to track the duplicate records needed for each Orion Rep, including custom AUM rollup to Contact levels.

We designed a new architecture for maintaining sales territory assignments, which reduced the amount of time and resources needed to maintain their sales personnel.

Salesforce Flows

We implemented custom automation using Salesforce Flows to standardize and bring together the usage of Opportunities, Products, and Quotes to help with reporting across the business units.

Data Migration

A custom data migration solution to de-duplicate accounts and contacts while merging all historical records into single-parent records was imperative to make sure no data was lost and only clean data existed.


As an ongoing project, CRM Science has helped Orion create custom API integrations with Glia to automatically record Calls, automatically route to the correct teams, and create and assign Tasks and Cases.

Salesforce User Adoption Across Business Development Team


Orion saw a 97%+ user adoption across their 200+ business development staff.

The new org as a single source of truth helped Orion achieve 100% adherence to regulatory compliance initiatives.

The consolidation of Orion’s orgs and streamlining of sales processes, they have had a 91% increase in the products that can now be offered by Sales through a single system within Salesforce.

The Custom Glia API brings 2200 Calls (Engagements), 1200 Cases, and 1000 trackable Tasks into Salesforce every 2 weeks. With this change, they now have the ability to track information in Salesforce, providing valuable visibility into the work being done.


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