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DocuSign: Redesigning Customer Support With Experience Cloud

CRM Science & DocuSign Re-imagining an Entire Customer Support System Using Experience Cloud


DocuSign, a company that helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements, wanted to revitalize their customer support center. They found that the old system consisted of outdated technology and needed to be easier to manage. To streamline support center processes and enhance user experience and interfaces, DocuSign utilized Salesforce Experience Cloud, which offers ease-of-use functionality, multiple language support, and streamlined systems.

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Salesforce Customer 360, Google Analytics, Custom Search Engine & Custom Language Selector

"DocuSign partnered with CRM Science to migrate our content and related integrations from Visual Force to Experience Cloud. The team worked well with embedded teams and our code to promotion processes, and their strong development capabilities showed throughout the engagement." - Information Senior Director, DocuSign

Our Solutions

CRM Science worked closely with DocuSign to ensure they were getting exactly what they needed to reimagine their support center.

Our team recreated components and pages using the latest Experience Cloud technology. We also implemented support for 9 different languages and improved localized experience for authenticated and guest users coming and going from the Support Center to other DocuSign products by utilizing the localization features of Experience Cloud.

We built a custom site map solution on Experience Cloud that resulted in groundbreaking analytics and streamlined all processes going forward. In addition, we implemented a complex custom federated search engine to improve content searching across different data sources. Custom solutions were created to support Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and legacy cookies.

The Jepson theme and strategic CSS overrides were utilized to achieve a customized look and feel while using many standard Experience Builder features and components. We also created solutions to implement a custom language selector that was supported by Experience Cloud’s native language and provided support for new languages.

50% Less Human Intervention & Reduced Deployment by 75%


By implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud, DocuSign improved its customer support center significantly. Support staff productivity gains by reducing the need for human interaction in support cases by half (50%). Additionally, DocuSign can now publish new content in minutes instead of hours and has reduced multiple potential points of failure in their publishing chain. Implementing a complex custom search engine to improve content searching across different data sources improved the quality of searches by more than 40%. Experience Cloud also streamlined DocuSign’s deployment process, reducing the time needed for each deployment by 75%, from 20 to 5 hours.


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