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CRM Science Revitalizes Conservation Nation with the Latest Salesforce Nonprofit Technology



Conservation Nation is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving species by making the field of wildlife conservation accessible to everyone. They’re committed to making this career path one that is no longer linear and limited but rather inclusive and can grow. This is evident through their vision, “A planet sustained by diverse wildlife conservationists, so all life thrives” which underscores creating an inclusive and powerful wildlife movement to preserve our planet. To achieve this, they want to break down barriers and push for growth in this field.

To strive for wildlife conservation effectively, they needed a way to elevate their branding and marketing, and find new partners for fundraising and grant initiatives. To meet these goals, they sought out CRM Science to fully transition to the Salesforce platform through the adoption of multiple Salesforce products and functionality. By doing this, Conservation Nation established themselves as leaders in their field by boosting fundraising, and grant-giving capabilities to both aspiring and established conservationists.

We utalized Salesforce and the different clouds/platform to transform and increase our clients fundraising efforts.

“CRM Science were fantastic to work with. They had infinite patience setting up multiple systems around complicated, multi-layered asks. I couldn't recommend them highly enough!" - Director of Grants & Marketing


Salesforce and Nonprofit Sucess Pack Installation

CRM Science worked in partnership with Conservation Nation to fully install and configure Salesforce NPSP from the ground up. This included configuration to reflect their constituency, as well as importing all fundraising-related data (donors, volunteers, and board members). This aided them in deprecating their legacy database, Tessitura.

Grants Management Module

At its core, Conservation Nation is a non-profit providing grant opportunities to aspiring and established conservationists. This was the most significant pivot point as they moved from entirely paper, pdf, and email to a fully encapsulated application and review process via Grants Management. This included the adoption of Experience Cloud so that grantseekers have a customized interface to not only apply, but also submit requirements and other artifacts if awarded a grant. The adoption of Grants Management greatly streamlined the grant process to allow Conservation Nation to offer more opportunities to more organizations and individuals.


In order to support their grants management and fundraising needs, Conservation Nation needed a more robust fundraising platform. CRM Science quickly pivoted and implemented a third-party integration via Classy for peer-to-peer fundraising, making it easy to increase and track donations and amplify the impact.

Pardot Implementation

CRM Science helped Conservation Nation move off of many disparate mailing and marketing systems, including Mail Chimp, to a single solution with Pardot. By switching to Pardot, Conservation Nation was able to easily target specific audiences via marketing campaigns. The three main areas in which Conservation Nation adopted Pardot are:

1. Segmentation & Email: Conservation Nation was able to create distinct audiences (donors, board members, volunteers, etc) within Pardot to target specific types of communication via email templates. This includes monthly newsletters and end-of-year fundraising campaigns.

2. Engagement Programs: Conservation Nation was able to leverage automation with Pardot by building pre-configured paths based on interactions Pardot Prospects have with emails assets. This was especially helpful with their end-of-year fundraising initiative to send reminder emails.

3. Forms: Conservation Nation moved all of their WordPress forms into Pardot Forms so that information can flow automatically into Salesforce. These included donor-specific and education-specific forms.

Working with Nonprofits to help maximize the most out of their Salesforce org.


To date, Conservation Nation has been able to maintain a steady stream of fundraising initiatives, resulting in over 100K allocated for funding to other organizations in the conservation sphere.

Conservation Nation has been able to send out a monthly newsletter via Pardot and create initiatives like the End of Year appeal. This allowed them to run campaigns seamlessly and track the level of engagement on said campaigns.

Since implementing Grants Management Module, they have received over 50 applications between its grant programs and completed the entire review process online for the 2022-23 grant year much faster than the previous year. With a more efficient process in place, they are now offering grants at a more frequent rate than previous years.

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