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How CRM Science Clients Have Handled COVID-19

How CRM Science Clients Have Handled COVID-19

Businesses have discovered new ways of using their data, people, and capabilities during COVID-19. Here are a few inspiring stories of how some of CRM Science’s clients have handled COVID-19 challenges with new and existing technological tools.

GeoBlue Manages COVID-19 Cases for Members Around The World


By GeoBlue

Like everyone else around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on our business as well as our country. Being a company that services globally mobile members, GeoBlue was dealing with this Coronavirus well before many others in the U.S. were even contemplating it.

As the virus spread to the U.S., we eventually went to an entirely remote work environment to protect our staff and comply with local shelter-in-place orders. We were able to do so within 24 hours with no significant impact on our operations.

It is a testament to the agility and collaboration of our GeoBlue employees combined with a strong business continuity and IT plan.

For our members, brokers and clients, we developed resource pages on our websites to address frequently asked questions (FAQs) about getting care, testing, coverage and service alerts. We used the opportunity of this situation to remind members about our Global TeleMDTM telemedicine solution and have seen an increase in usage as well as positive member feedback about the service. Throughout this pandemic, we’ve managed a number of confirmed COVID-19 cases for members around the world, ensuring they get the quality care they need while being in a foreign country.

Aside from the routine help navigating the local healthcare system we provide, which has become even more critical amidst this global crisis, we’ve helped members reschedule surgeries or treatments at different hospitals where access has been affected.

Given that testing in most countries is being managed by local public health authorities, we’ve also provided our members with access to a list of the public health authorities’ COVID-19 hotlines for 151 global destinations to help those seeking testing.

b atomic Bet Right on Salesforce

b atomic

By b atomic

No one never knows from where and when a crisis will come, but it is always looming in the minds of small business owners. What is a small business except for three key ingredients: people, process and technology.

People, chosen carefully, are extremely resilient, and they are the first line of defense when facing a crisis like COVID-19. This is why when government shutdowns came... most business owners found themselves in their conference rooms with their people. Planning, devising and deploying. Yeah... it’s people first, always.

Those people, the entities that comprise an entity, reinvent what sustains a business in good times and bad... Killer process. In good times, the process is like well-laid rails that allow trains to roll through towns virtually unnoticed. In bad times, they are the standards that support the process to the customer and give confidence to the electrons that make the business atomic.

In times of pandemic; however, businesses have collapsed and will continue to collapse as access based physical plants have failed their process. Simply, locations made many of us complacent at best and lazy at worst. But, for the brave few who consider technology as one of the big three, their belief and investment in good times feeds them in times of uncertainty.

Such is the story of zinc, a small independent insurance agency in Cleveland, Ohio. Long invested in all three critical factors, their investment may have looked foolish or necessary in the good times. Now, in times of global shutdown, it appears that technology is the difference-maker for their people and their process.

Built on Salesforce and activity-based measurements, it turns out the physical locations were nothing more than a crutch. Using neon, built by a partnership with b atomic and CRM Science, they built technology that allowed them to operate a business using a single piece of technology. With complete visibility of the people and process, the technology was like butter thickening the dish.

While physically distanced and working remotely under order of government, these customers kept winning. Performance volume went up. Service times went down. Retention stayed the same, and new sales kept coming in as the long-invested in performance marketing part of neon, was not required to social distance. In fact, the space between zinc’s customer and prospect is forever changed and is much less than six feet.

Give an entrepreneur good people and process, and they will succeed. Add supporting technology like neon, and you just did the thing. What is that thing? An entrepreneur is a bearer of risk. Give that adventurer the opportunity to eliminate or reduce risk and, well... You just can't kill them.

The future will forever be uncertain — these times prove as such. Success, however, never need be a casualty. The lesson, this time, is to go deeper on the big three. Invest in people. make time to develop and enforce processes. And bet on technology as your rocketfuel. We bet neon on Salesforce... We bet right.

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CRM Science clients have undergone digital transformation by embracing the Salesforce platform and are well equipped to overcome challenges presented in uncertain times.

At CRM Science, we use our Salesforce expertise to transform your enterprise. Partnering with our clients throughout the Salesforce journey, we strategize and optimize business processes, and develop solutions across every Salesforce cloud. CRM Science is an award-winning Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner and a Registered Partner.

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