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Streamline Scheduling Processes with Financial Services Cloud

Streamline Scheduling Processes with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Anyone born before the year 2000 should remember the old way to schedule appointments. You make a phone call and leave a message saying you’d like to make an appointment. Someone calls you back eventually, and you hope you’re near the phone for the call. You miss the call and phone tag ensues.

Thanks to digital innovations like Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, your clients can skip the phone tag.

Empowering clients to schedule appointments on their own time, Lightning Scheduling Manager for Financial Services Cloud allows users to choose from available time slots to schedule appointments from their mobile devices or desktop computers.

Lightning Scheduler makes use of Salesforce Events, which enables one-way push sync between Outlook and Google Calendars. While the sync feature doesn’t enable changing or deleting events from Google Calendar or Outlook, it does leverage two-way sync to ensure availability when scheduling.

Feeling the love from the Salesforce Winter ‘20 Release

Thanks to Winter ‘20 enhancements, the Lightning Scheduling Manager has become a complete precision-based scheduling solution.

Improving the client experience and gaining organizational efficiencies are made easy with fully configurable features that include Multi-Resource Scheduling, Time Zone Selection and Concurrent scheduling to name a few.

These enhancements streamline scheduling for resources through Salesforce Financial Services Cloud by providing more options for clients and reducing downtime for resources.

Saleforce Financial Services Cloud Multi-Resource Scheduling

Select up to 15 resources by Name, Role, and/or Work Type. With the consolidated availability views, coordinating different resources to participate in a meeting is fast and effective.

Multi-Resource Scheduling in Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Concurrent Scheduling (aka Overbooking)

This powerful feature enables servicing clients with drop-in appointments while controlling traffic with limits and making sure the right resources are available to service client traffic.

Concurrent Scheduling in Financial Services Cloud

Ever try to schedule appointments while traveling or with international clients? You can now eliminate confusion by enabling in-context local time zone representations for clients or internal resources in different locations.

Enable blocked time events so meetings can be buffered for things like travel time. Blocked times events can also be leveraged to report on travel time and gain internal productivity insights.

Focus on What’s Important

Lightning Scheduling Manager is integrated with Salesforce Flows enabling various aspects of any scheduling process, from sending invitations to providing confirmations, to be automated. Combine this with an option to let clients select their meeting date/time from available options, and you have a full scheduling solution your team will love.

What’s even better? Empowering clients to schedule appointments on their own allows your team to spend their time and energy on what’s most important — helping clients reach their goals. And, with the full suite of AI-powered financial services solutions, Financial Services Cloud has so many ways to personalize your client relationships and level-up your business.

Customize Salesforce Financial Services Cloud for Your Unique Business Needs

While the Lightning Scheduler comes with a fully functional user interface right out of the box, you can customize the user interface to meet any challenges your business faces.

Contact CRM Science Salesforce Consultants

Need help customizing your Lightning Scheduler User Interface? The lab coat team at CRM Science has the expertise to solve your Salesforce Financial Services Cloud puzzle and create the user interface of your dreams. Contact us to get started.

CRM Science Salesforce Consultants

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