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CRM Science Best #DF19 Sessions to Attend

Come for the party and stay for the sessions, right? Dreamforce 2019 is a must-attend event for anyone looking to maximize ROI for their Salesforce org and learn the latest tech innovations from the world’s premier experts.

The lab coats at CRM Science recommend checking out these sessions at Dreamforce 2019:

Lab Coat Sessions

CRM Science session at Dreamforce 2019
CRM Science session at Dreamforce 2019

One of the most fascinating features of the Salesforce platform is its innate ability to leverage data from other systems while extending core capabilities that make Salesforce an integral system to business operations for any company. There’s been no shortage of options to build data integrations between external systems and Salesforce orgs, but only until recently has there been an "Admin-Friendly" path to "build" with APIs. This session will provide Admins with a basic scenario to introduce and demystify things like Named Credentials, API inputs, and outputs, External Services, and pull them all together with a Flow.

Often in meetings about software and systems, the conversation can get so complex or technical that it's hard to follow what’s being said. Without clarity, people miss key information, refrain from sharing their ideas, and don’t ask relevant questions. In this session, discover how and what to observe during a group meeting. Learn to recognize common group communication patterns. Practice coding individual phrases and analyzing the results. Take home key phrases and tips to boost meeting clarity.

Financial Services Industry Sessions

With the promises of deep learning and more secure information exchange, disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain could transform the nature of customer relationships throughout the financial services industry. Established financial institutions and upstart fintechs alike are reimagining customer experiences and adopting new technologies and mindsets that can create greater levels of trust with their stakeholders. What will be the financial services experience of the future? Join our panel of leading CEOs who are disrupting their business and operating models to exceed customers’ growing expectations for trust, transparency, and convenience.

Circles of Success are first-come, first-serve and have limited capacity. Join your peers for an intimate and interactive discussion about challenges, successes, and best practices in the Financial Services industry. Circles of Success are small group roundtables hosted by Salesforce experts focused on adoption-related topics around best practices, common use cases and the execution of specific deliverables for business objectives.

Einstein Analytics for Wealth Management offers pre-built dashboards that provide actionable insights for advisors to grow their book of business, stay on top of client goals and drive satisfaction. Join this session to see how Einstein Analytics for Wealth Management can help enable financial advisors, personal bankers, and managers to deliver consistent customer experiences with AI and Analytics, better understand client churn risk, and improve client AUM.

With 90% of interactions between banks and customers being service-oriented, companies must differentiate on customer service experience to succeed in today’s competitive environment and meet customer expectations for personalized, convenient and trusted service. Join our Trailblazers leading the industry and hear how they are leveraging Salesforce innovation to achieve digital transformation and unify the customer service experience across lines of business in banks and credit unions. By simplifying and removing friction from key service processes, every interaction streamlines and strengthens long-lasting customer relationships.

Manufacturing Industry Sessions

Calling all attendees in the manufacturing, automotive, and energy industries! Incredible opportunities have opened up for those who are able to move fast and build a flexible digital operating model. By investing in new customer interaction channels, employee engagement, and digital product offerings, you can expand and capture a larger share of the market. Join us to learn how Engie, BMW, and Kawasaki are rethinking their operations and reorienting their businesses around the needs of their customers. Deloitte will also offer best practices for how to shift your digital operating model into high gear. You’ll learn how to bring together our newly-launched Manufacturing Cloud and innovation in analytics, AI, integration, and more from across the Salesforce Customer 360 to drive more predictability in your business.

Join manufacturing leader Pella as they discuss best practices to help you begin your manufacturing CRM journey. Walk away with guidance on bringing these best practices into your own organization, and discover how to use the Salesforce Customer 360 to bring customer-centricity to your business.

Join us for this hands-on workshop as we cover sharing and security best practices in configuring your public-facing (unauthenticated users) site built on the community cloud. We will cover varying topics including the tools, correctly configuring your guest user profile and setting up a correct guest sharing model. NOTE: You will need your laptop for this workshop.

Other Sessions

The User Adoption Services team helps organizations realize the full potential of Salesforce through innovative and effective change management and custom training solutions. Join us to understand how change could be perceived and how to tailor a strategy to ensure minimal resistance at your company

Lightning Web Components introduced developer productivity and blazing fast performance. Salesforce CMS has reinvented our platform from the bottom-up to take advantage of these new opportunities and provide a developer-driven experience for building B2C performance experiences.

Catch us at Dreamforce 2019

Are you going to Dreamforce 2019? Contact us to let us know what sessions you’d like to see at Dreamforce. You can also click here to party with us in San Francisco this year and enter our Dreamforce contest.

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