Activate Lightning Experience on Your Own Terms


Winter ‘20 Salesforce Critical Update: “Turn On Lightning Experience”


With the Salesforce Winter ‘20 release comes an automatic update that may send shock waves through your users (well, maybe). Once the critical update is complete, Lightning Experience-enabled users who are logged in to Salesforce Classic will see a new icon that will allow them to use the Lightning Experience interface. Consider this your forewarning to stay ahead of the update and activate Lightning Experience on your own terms.


If the thought of inboxes jammed with questions related to the update makes you shudder, then contact a Salesforce Consulting Partner with a 2019 Lightning Master Navigator Designation.


Automatically Enabling Lightning Experience

The Winter ‘20 release includes an automatically enabled Lightning Experience option. That means, the release identifies any user whose profile has “Lightning Experience User” enabled, and a “Turn on Lightning Experience” icon appears so users can change at any time.  As we mentioned in the Summer ‘19 Release Review, the auto-activate feature will begin on a rolling basis in Winter ‘20, and once the org is updated, users will see the “Turn on Lightning Experience” activation within 48 hours from the rollout date. Then, users who are logged in to Salesforce Classic who are eligible to use Lightning Experience will be automatically logged in to Lightning Experience once per week.


All future innovations will be in Lightning Experience, and automatically enabling it is a gentle nudge from Salesforce to adopt the newer interface. Users are still able to choose to switch back to Classic, but the update is the perfect opportunity to push more Salesforce users toward Lightning Experience adoption.


Staying ahead of the update

You know your users’ habits best. Use that information and put yourself in your users’ shoes to create your Lightning Experience implementation plan. If the ultimate goal is a permanent org-wide switch to Lightning Experience, then having a solid plan in place is the best way to achieve the goal. 


Between now and automatic-switch time, encourage your users to switch back and forth between interfaces to see what’s new or different. And, schedule sessions to work through the Lightning Experience interface with users who are slower to adapt. Then, you can make the switch on your (and your users’) own terms thus avoiding the ‘sink or swim’ situation.


Embracing the changes

Lightning Experience empowers users with completely reimagined Salesforce Classic functionality and enhancements that aren’t available on Classic. These enhancements improve user efficiency and productivity, and ultimately improve ROI. 


One of the key enhancements is the customization features admins can utilize to create different home pages for different users. With the new Lightning App Builder, Admins construct home pages specific to user groups’ daily tasks. Admins can then assign custom home pages to certain user profiles and set a default home page. And of course, there’s a Trailhead Badge to teach you how to Build Custom a Custom Home Page for Lightning Experience.


Ensuring a smooth implementation

Whether you tried to implement Lightning Experience with mixed results or just need some cleanup to make the interface work better for everyone, using a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner is always a great choice. CRM Science has the capability and knowledge to assist with Lightning Experience rollout challenges. We would love to hear how your org is faring with the Winter ‘20 updates.


UPDATE: Salesforce has released a partner alert stating that the Winter '20 Critical Update has been delayed until January 31, 2020, due to a "potential technical issue unrelated to Lightning Experience."

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