Key Salesforce Summer '19 Release Enhancements

June 12, 2019



Check out some of the CRM Science Lab Coats' favorite Salesforce Summer ‘19 release features. We see Salesforce Lightning continuing to receive crucial enhancements and are excited for the user experience (UX) and development future of the platform.


  • Salesforce will begin turning on Lightning Experience on a rolling basis starting Winter ‘20. All users with the Lightning Experience User permission enabled are affected by this critical update. All future innovations will be in Lightning Experience.

    As if the direction of Salesforce’s future wasn’t obvious enough already, this will surely leave no doubt. Your org should have a plan to migrate or handle the periodic “encouragement” Salesforce may give your users. See how CRM Science can help with your strategic migration to Salesforce Lightning.

  • IDE Is Being Retired in October 2019 - the IDE will no longer receive support or updates beginning Oct 12, 2019. May we suggest joining the herd over in VS Code?

  • Macros with Conditional Instructions - up your productivity with smart macros in Lightning Experience built on conditional logic using IF, ELSEIF, and ELSE expressions. Build it and sit back as the productivity rolls in!

  • Scratch Org Version Selection - select the version of Salesforce for a newly created Scratch Orgs. Develop and test on the new version of Salesforce, before it is released into production orgs. Developers are no longer limited to creating scratch orgs based on the version of the dev hub. The release version can be assigned to the following:

    • Preview: next version of Salesforce.

    • Current: same version as dev hub.

    • Previous: if dev hub has been upgraded, but you want to develop for production orgs that have not yet been upgraded.

  • Lightning Web Components in More Places - add a Lightning web component to a standalone Aura app, Visualforce page, or Lightning Out (Beta).

  • Views and lists have been receiving deserved attention in recent releases. Finally, lists that can sort and filter! A novel concept.

    • Enhanced Related Lists (Beta) - display up to 10 columns, resize and sort, wrap text, and perform mass actions.

    • Zoom Through Related Lists with Quick Filters - drill into data on related lists with quick filters. These filters persist only on the current session, are not saved, and cannot be shared.

    • Set Up Mass Quick Actions in Communities - Mass quick actions are now available in Lightning communities. Select and perform mass updates on up to 100 records in a list view.

    • View Records Using Full View (Beta) - a new record view option, Full view, is available in Lightning Experience that displays all details and related lists on the same page (similar to Classic). The Full View option could help soften the Lightning migration pains of certain users.

​We hope this post has made you excited to dive into Summer ‘19’s features. Click the banner below to contact CRM Science to find out how we can help you succeed on the Salesforce platform.







Written by Matt Sherman, Salesforce Consultant

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