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CRM Science Wins 2017 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for Analytics Cloud

CRM Science Wins 2017 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for Analytics Cloud

Deluxe Entertainment and CRM Science share the honor of winning a 2017 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award.

Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud and leveraging the power of analytics to collect and analyze productivity metrics at Deluxe Entertainment led to the second Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for CRM Science.

Unlocking the Power of Salesforce Analytics Cloud for Deluxe Entertainment

Deluxe is the leading global partner to content creators and distributors and has been serving media and entertainment industries for over a century. The company specializes in high-end post production services for major movie and television studios, global distribution of blockbuster movies, and high-tech products to manage and localize any type of video content.

Deluxe partnered with CRM Science to unify sales and marketing teams spread across the globe using the Salesforce platform, and their main goal was to gain insight into team performance using Einstein Analytics.

Prior to engaging with CRM Science, Deluxe was generating sales and marketing data in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and Pardot, but the company wanted to use the data for a deeper analysis of their sales operational strategies.

Implementing Salesforce Analytics Cloud gave Deluxe insights into:

  • Sales activities involved in lead conversions

  • Length of time opportunities spent in their pipeline

  • Length of time between touchpoints with prospects and customers

  • Sales activities indicating optimal impact on revenue and profits

Scaling Sales Operations with Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Einstein Analytics gave Deluxe a system that provided the flexibility and scalability to build seamlessly integrated dashboards for all of the company’s sales operations.

The CRM Science team collaborated with the Deluxe team to iteratively build a suite of dashboards that displayed the productivity metrics for their sales reps in a clear and concise way giving users capability to explore data through customized filters.

With customizable filters and dashboards, Deluxe sales managers can see:

  • Active engagements with opportunities, leads, accounts, and contacts

  • Identified areas where sales representatives should focus engagement efforts

  • Deals in the pipeline with the greatest momentum so production teams can prepare

All of this insight helps the leadership make better planning decisions and increase revenue and profits.

Deluxe sales representatives now have a simple, visual tool for analyzing accomplishments on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, which gives them the power to target sales efforts and maximize goal achievement. The dashboards give consolidated visibility to the status of all accounts and deals, which minimizes the need for internal communication to confirm tasks have been completed.

These Salesforce innovations have increased Deluxe sales team productivity and revenue generation exponentially since the solution was implemented.

Contact CRM Science Salesforce Consultants

The CRM Science team partners with enterprise companies, like Deluxe, to implement and optimize business solutions using the Salesforce platform.

CRM Science is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner and a Registered Partner. Our strategic consulting services were recognized by Salesforce in four consecutive Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards, an annual recognition for partners that deliver outstanding client success. Contact CRM Science Salesforce Consultants to learn how your company can operate more efficiently utilizing the latest advancements on the Salesforce platform.

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