CRM Science Wins Partner Innovation Award for the Analytics Cloud!

October 20, 2017



CRM Science is excited to announce that we have been awarded the 2017 Partner Innovation Award by Salesforce for our Analytics Cloud implementation at Deluxe Entertainment. (This is our second consecutive Salesforce Partner Innovation Award!)


Deluxe is a global enterprise that has been serving the media and entertainment industries for over a century. Some of their many services include high-end post-production work for major movie and television studios, global distribution of blockbuster movies, and unique technologies to manage and localize any type of video content. Deluxe engaged with CRM Science to help them synchronize their sales & marketing activities using the Salesforce platform, and to gain visibility and insight into the performance of their sales & marketing teams across the globe with Einstein Analytics.


Prior to implementing Salesforce, Deluxe had no data or insights into what it took to convert a lead, how long they worked on opportunities in their pipeline, how much time transpired in between touch points with prospects and customers, or what activities would have the most optimal impact on their revenue and profits. Once Deluxe implemented Sales Cloud, they were starting to gather some of the needed data about their sales operations, but they still lacked insight into the correlations and relationships in the data that told the story of their performance.



With Einstein Analytics, we got a platform that provided the flexibility and scalability to build seamlessly integrated dashboards for all of Deluxe’s sales operations. The CRM Science team collaborated with the Deluxe team to iteratively build a suite of dashboards that displayed the productivity metrics for their sales reps in clear and concise way, and gave users tremendous capability to explore the data and filter it in many different ways.


Sales leaders can now see which Opportunities, Leads, Accounts, and Contacts are being actively engaged by the reps, where additional engagement effort needs to be applied, and what deals in the pipeline have the best momentum and the production teams need to prepare to deliver. All of this insight helps the leadership make better planning decisions and increase revenue and profits.


Sales reps now have a simple, visual tool for analyzing what they have accomplished on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, which helps them better target their efforts and maximize their goal achievement. The dashboards give them consolidated visibility to the status of all their accounts and deals, minimizing internal communication to confirm what activities have been accomplished to serve their customers.


These innovations in Deluxe’s sales operations have increased their productivity and revenue generation exponentially since the solution was implemented earlier this year, and many more enhancements are on the roadmap! We look forward to continuing to partner with Deluxe on making their teams more successful with the Salesforce platform!





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