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Get the “Lightning Ready” App Certification


What does it mean to have your App certified as “Lightning Ready?” It means that you as the provider have taken into consideration the various use cases of your app, it’s features, and various visual elements and have committed to ensuring they work as designed in customer orgs where Lightning is enabled.

The 2017 Requirements
  • All aspects of your app in which an end-user interacts with must work as expected in Lightning Experience

  • Early adopters were able to identify a single, minimal, user role to minimize the amount of conversion necessary. Today, the entire app must accommodate for and work as expected in the Lightning Experience.

  • All colors and styling should match those found in the Lightning Experience

  • All UIs must retain the page responsiveness found in native Lightning UI elements (displays well with screens of varying sizes, when you resize a window the page elements respond accordingly, etc).

Certification Procedure
  1. Create/Update the App to ensure 100% Lightning coverage

  2. Update your AppExchange listing

  3. Include Lightning screenshots

  4. Log a Case within the Partner Community

  • Log under: AppExchange

  • Request: Lightning Ready Status - Provide a request for review of your App and include your AppExchange App’s listing URL.

More Information

Learn more about what it means to be "Lightning Ready" in our Lightning Lesson titled, Are Your Apps... Lightning Ready?

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