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Einstein Lead Scoring


Part of Sales Cloud Einstein, Einstein Lead Scoring (formerly Predictive Lead Scoring) helps you identify likelihood of conversion. (Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic)


Pop quiz. You wake up tomorrow, go to work, and find out that instead of your normal Salesforce oriented gig, you're now your company's Sales Manager, managing a team of 5 Sales Reps, and your org has blown up overnight with new Lead records from various sources.

How do you handle all those Leads and ensure not only are they being distributed amongst your sales team, but your reps are working with the most promising prospects first?

Historically, you'd probably have an approach that includes filtering the leads by field based criteria, distributing by territory, lead source, or rating, and would generally leave it at that. You're not satisfied because aside from manually inspecting them and handling those that seem "hot," you can't shake the feeling that you're likely leaving money on the table.

We can do better than that! Welcome to the age of Salesforce Einstein! We've got Einstein Lead Scoring to lean on nowadays.

Einstein Lead Scoring is an AI powered feature that helps you better score and rank your Lead records based on various aspects of your orgs Lead Conversion history. Like many of the other Salesforce Einstein enabled features, Lead Scoring analyzes your org's data for lead conversion patterns to help establish models used to predict the likeliness of a Lead Conversion and assign a Lead Score to your records. The more likely a conversion, the higher a score.

Now you don't have to worry about those high dollar prospects being lost amongst the other Leads; now you just have to figure out how to fairly distribute them amongst your team.

When reviewing the Lead Score, you can review the contributing factors into each score, which can characteristics like the Lead's title, whether or not there is a Company listed (Leads don't have parent Accounts yet, just a text field for Company), the Industry listed, and how valid things like email and phone numbers look.

Scores can also be displayed on a record, not just within list views, by adding the Einstein Lead Scoring component to your page layout. Quickly see your Lead's score and those contributing factors alongside you other key data points.

At the end of the week, you'll be able to tell if your enablement of Einstein Lead Scoring has helped because included with the feature is a dashboard with reports that will demonstrate conversion rates by lead score!


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