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AAMCO + Salesforce + CRM Science = Success

In a recent joint press release, "AAMCO Selects Salesforce To Enhance Communication And Drive Store Profit For Its Franchisees," AAMCO and Salesforce outlined three key platforms, Service Cloud, Communities Cloud, and Analytics Cloud. CRM Science is a proud partner in AAMCO's Salesforce Cloud deployment success.

AAMCO Provides Customer Success with Salesforce Service Cloud

AAMCO provides customized support processes for 14 separate support teams to 700+ franchises, as well as thousands of franchise employees and consumers, across multiple support channels. Service Cloud is integrated across phone, email, chat, web, & mobile. In addition, AAMCO provides access for franchisees to monitor their support cases on both desktop and mobile devices. “With the customized solution we have deployed, everything a franchisee needs to get a snapshot of their business is quickly and easily accessible via a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. The Salesforce platform was easy to work with and we will benefit from its continuous improvement going forward. CRM Science made outstanding contributions and was instrumental in our deployment,” AAMCO CIO Chad Graham said.

CRM Science is actively helping AAMCO achieve success by defining the support process requirements, as well as configuring, customizing, and developing the Salesforce Service Cloud. CRM Science is also integrating Salesforce with AAMCO’s existing back-office systems as well external services, like CarFax, to provide a unified interface that AAMCO’s customer service agents can use to work through support cases, providing world class customer success. “AAMCO is a pleasure to work with because they are extremely motivated to to use the Salesforce platform to improve their business process,” said Ami Assayag, CRM Science Founder and Chief Architect, “We also provide AAMCO a unique just-in-time lean delivery of expertise, so we are well suited to responding to AAMCO’s multiple and changing priorities.”

AAMCO Provides Real-Time Collaboration With Salesforce Communities

AAMCO needed an adaptable, scalable, and responsive platform to provide

real-time communication and collaboration with their franchisees. It was imperative that the solution be built around key performance indicator (KPI) data, online consumer ratings of franchise locations, franchise operations support cases, employee training, & internal network news. In addition, Salesforce Communities was deployed to provide collaboration around AAMCO announcements, financial statements, and much more.

CRM Science implemented a custom Salesforce Partner Community that provides an AAMCO branded, unique, responsive user interface for franchisees to access 24/7. Franchisees have the ability to interact with their current and historic KPI data, support cases, and a whole host of helpful resources. AAMCO’s franchisee community was built to adapt to any device the franchisee uses to access the community. AAMCO’s Community provides users with unprecedented visibility into their franchise operations and performance.

AAMCO Uses Salesforce Wave Analytics To Visualize Their Complete Data Model

AAMCO desired that they replace their legacy, on-premises, reporting method, with Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud. Analytics Cloud is a modern, adaptable, scalable analytics platform that can be shared with AAMCO’s new online franchisee community.

CRM Science is integrating AAMCO’s new and existing legacy operational data sources with the Analytics Cloud. CRM Science developers are building dynamic, and interactive, dashboards to help AAMCO’s internal teams and franchisees visualize and interpret operational data.

CRM Science has been integral to AAMCO's deployment of these Salesforce Clouds. If your company is considering solutions similar to AAMCO, contact us. We'd love to partner and for your success.

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