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Salesforce Virtual Events: Dreamforce to You 2020 Preview

My first time spending the week in the vicinity of Moscone attending Dreamforce 2019 was certainly memorable. I had a front row seat to the Financial Services Keynote, rode a disco tuk-tuk to a Beck and Fleetwood Mac concert, hosted clients and Salesforce ecosystem friends at the #DF19 CRM Science Puzzle Party, and met some inspiring children while delivering CRM Science’s donation to the Tenderloin Recreation Center.

While I understand the decision, I was disappointed to learn all Salesforce events, including Dreamforce, are virtual in 2020.

Salesforce made the announcement about events going virtual way back in May. If you’re like me, then you’ve likely checked the Trailblazer Community Dreamforce Group, the Salesforce Events and Dreamforce FAQ pages almost daily since then for tidbits of information about the virtual conference.

Dreamforce 2019 Retrospective

Dreamforce to You 2020 Announcement

After months of waiting, the word is finally out about this year’s Dreamforce. Salesforce Chief Marketing Officer Stephanie Buscemi delivered the announcement introducing Dreamforce to You 2020 on October 22. Dreamforce to You is a free event taking place from November to December 2020.

Along with the announcement came a link to sign up for information about the virtual conference at The registration link is the first indicator that Dreamforce To You 2020 is unlike any other Dreamforce event.

Similarities to Past Dreamforce Experiences

The team at Salesforce truly reimagined Dreamforce to bring relevant content to everyone in the Salesforce ecosystem, but some elements of Dreamforce we’ve come to expect remain intact.

Force for Good

Salesforce believes business is the greatest platform for change, and this year’s Dreamforce event will include around $5 million in donations to San Francisco-based small businesses and international relief efforts.

Customer Success & Innovation

Hearing stories from Trailblazing companies using Salesforce to solve unique business challenges is the backbone of any Salesforce event. Dreamforce to You will include an opening keynote broadcast as well as customer success stories and special guest speakers.

Educational Sessions & Networking

Possibly the main reason many Trailblazers attend Dreamforce is to learn new concepts and master new skills on the Salesforce platform. Dreamforce to You will include sessions led by Salesforce experts and opportunities to network with the Trailblazer Community.

Wellness & Fun

2020 is the year of virtual performances, and Dreamforce to You will continue that theme by including virtual musical performances peppered throughout the conference. In addition, Salesforce is dreaming up content to keep everyone feeling well and having fun from the comfort of home.

Dreamforce to You 2020

How Dreamforce to You is Different from Past Dreamforce Events

The team at Salesforce started from scratch while planning Dreamforce to You, and perhaps the most significant difference (besides being virtual) is the personalized nature of the entire conference.

Tailored Content for Salesforce Customers

While there will be opportunities for every Trailblazer to participate in some way, Salesforce is building personalized experiences for companies using the Salesforce platform. Salesforce customers should expect to receive information from their Salesforce Account Executives to learn how Dreamforce to You will look for their company.

Undefined Timeline

In the past, Dreamforce was a scheduled event taking place over four days. At the time of this blog, there are no defined start and end dates for the event included in official Salesforce announcements.

The timeline for Dreamforce to You is advertised as “November-December 2020.” Given the personalized nature of the conference, engagement opportunities related to the conference will vary by industry, role, company size, and other factors.

Call for Session Proposals

With time dwindling before the conference is set to begin, there has been no official call for session proposals for Dreamforce to You. That leaves many questions unanswered about what sessions will be publicly available and who will present them, but Salesforce likely has something brewing in that area.

Dreamforce to You 2020 Agenda

The full Dreamforce to You 2020 Agenda will be available soon. Until then, we know free content will be publicly available after November 12, 2020.

Dreamforce Opening Keynote

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff will present an opening keynote address virtually on December 2, 2020, during which he will share customer success stories, inspiring visions for the future, and unveil the latest advancements for the company.

Sign Up for Dreamforce to You 2020 Information

There is no official registration for Dreamforce to You 2020, but anyone can sign up to receive personalized information about the conference. Visit to learn more.

Contact CRM Science Salesforce Consultants

The CRM Science team has a vibrant history of attending and presenting sessions at Dreamforce in San Francisco, and the team will participate in Dreamforce to You to get inspiration and learn about the latest advancements Salesforce has to offer.

Have a question for the CRM Science Salesforce consultants? We’re always happy to chat. Click here to contact us.

Ambre Juryea-Amole

Marketing Specialist

CRM Science


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