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Salesforce Service Cloud for High-Volume Call Centers

When shopping for CRM solutions for high-volume call centers, identifying pain points is easier when you connect use cases to specific technology features. Use cases bring the agent to the center so your team can make user-inclusive decisions when determining what tools are essential to accomplish everyday operational tasks.

Getting to know how people complete their daily tasks at your company is a great way to collect use cases. You need to understand day-to-day tasks of actual Salesforce users in the org you’re designing, and user research can get you there.

For example, you can conduct user surveys at strategic intervals throughout the development phase. Or, you can host an in-person gathering and obtain user feedback in a more conversational manner.

Evaluating Customer Service Technology Solutions

Evaluating Customer Service Technology Solutions

Technology upgrades are often essential to scale business and stay ahead of the curve, and there are a few basic concepts to consider while evaluating new solutions, like Salesforce Service Cloud, and creating a project roadmap.

Technology managers and IT executives should explore:

  • Technology solutions that are currently working well, and which ones aren’t

  • Integrations available with current solutions and proposed ones

  • Industry-wide technology trends

  • User feedback

  • Customer experience feedback

Applying Salesforce Service Cloud Features to Business Use Cases

Salesforce Service Cloud

Researching use cases for Salesforce Service Cloud is a great way to visualize the ways CRM users will accomplish day-to-day tasks with specific features.

The following is a hypothetical story to explain use cases for Salesforce Service Cloud features at a high-volume call center.

Hypothetical Salesforce Service Cloud Use Cases for High-Volume Call Centers

A medical and pharmaceutical insurance company, MedPharma Insurance, Inc., has a high-volume call center clients can call to ask about their benefits, insurance claims, pharmacy costs, and other topics.

MedPharma Insurance is having a hard time keeping up with the amount of calls while scheduling consistent breaks for their call center employees. The team leads know that call volume rises at specific times, but they can’t work out a schedule where everyone is on the phones at their busiest hour — lunch time.

Due to their existing call center system not being up to snuff, they have decided to see what else is out there. System analysts at MedPharma Insurance begin an exploration into Salesforce Service Cloud, which they hope will be the solution to many of their existing issues.

Omni-Channel Routing for Service Level Agreements

Omni-Channel Routing for Service Level Agreements

MedPharma Insurance team leads need to see the volume of calls coming in, prioritize calls for the available agents, and flag when a service level agreement (SLA) is about to be exceeded.

Salesforce Service Cloud Omni-Channel Routing gives MedPharma Insurance team leads more visibility into these factors.

The solution:

  • Routes cases to the appropriate available service representative.

  • Distributes work based on skill, availability, or workload.

  • Allows high priority work to get high priority attention.

  • Pushes all forms of communication into one agent workspace — whether from messaging, social media, call-in, live chat, or other available channels.

  • Provides a high-level view management system with the ability to monitor conversations. Agents can also raise a flag to a manager during a conversation when they need assistance with a customer service issue.

Client Identity Verification with Call Center Management and CTI Integration

MedPharma Insurance call center agents have no insight into who the clients are when they call. They go through a series of questions and verifications with clients before addressing requests, and oftentimes the client has been transferred from another department and has already provided identification information.

With Salesforce Service Cloud, MedPharma will create a streamlined process when a client calls in by asking these questions up front through automation.

Client Identity Verification with Call Center Management and CTI Integration

This means:

  • When customers call, the agent sees a profile of the caller with their identification information and account record.

  • Calls are logged automatically and will attach related records to the call log.

  • Agents can click a phone number in Salesforce to start a call immediately. This provides agents the ability to put calls on hold, transfer calls or create a conference call without having to leave the Service Cloud Console. If an agent needs to return a client call, they simply pull up the client’s record and click the phone number they wish to call.

Incentivizing Productivity through Service Analytics

MedPharma Insurance wants to implement a more gamified work environment to incentivize agents to offer high-quality service and answer more calls. Team leads also need to look at week-over-week data to better understand the call center activity for staffing and employee performance purposes.

To solve both of these challenges, Service Analytics:

  • Offers the ability to embed analytics in the agent workspace with prebuilt dashboards that automatically update with your CRM data. These dashboards can be exposed through different views either individually or as a team, which can show agents how they are performing within their team. It provides transparency among teams by showing one another data about average on-hold time, client survey results, and more. This allows agents to see where they need help or allow healthy competition among agents who strive to be at the top of the leaderboard.

  • Helps team leads better understand case volumes, agent and mobile activity, chatbot performances and backlog analysis. They can subscribe to periodic reports that automatically get sent to their email addresses, or they can navigate to it at any time to view the most up-to-date information. This insight can help team leads monitor both the call center and the self service applications all in one area. The data will show them if the call center is under or over staffed and whether or not they can add more resources to the self-service portal to alleviate call volume.

Employee Onboarding with Salesforce Service Cloud Case Management

MedPharma Insurance is looking for a solution to help streamline their employee onboarding process. The company’s call center has a fast-paced work atmosphere, and new employees are expected to complete all training sessions in a short amount of time. New employee feedback indicates that it’s difficult to absorb the information they need to work independently within the onboarding time frame.

Employee Onboarding with Salesforce Service Cloud Case Management

Salesforce Service Cloud Case Management features provides the solution to MedPharma Insurance’s employee onboarding challenge.

Case Management provides a streamlined process through automation and guidance that helps agents know what the next step will be during client calls.

This in-app guidance is especially helpful with onboarding new employees. After new employees understand the basics of the process through training, they will have insight into what they need to do next if they forget a step or are overwhelmed during a call.

Service Process Automation gives a point-and-click interface in one location that allows users to:

  • Set up workflows

  • Log calls

  • Send emails

  • Create and update records

Service Process Automation provides call center employees with an established process for client calls with automations that prompt them to complete each step. Client information and call logs are all embedded into a user-friendly interface with workflow automations guiding agents through each call.

Contact CRM Science Salesforce Consultants

Salesforce Service Cloud is highly customizable and plays nicely with other technology systems through integrations with the platform. So when you’re ready to start implementing or configuring Service Cloud to meet your unique needs, work with a Salesforce partner to make sure you’re starting with a solid foundation.

The CRM Science team knows Salesforce Service Cloud inside and out, and can provide implementation, configuration, development, ongoing support, and more. Contact us to chat about your Salesforce project.

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