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RegEd & CRM Science Streamline Insurance Agent Onboarding

Streamlining Insurance Agent Onboarding



RegEd is a market-leading provider of RegTech and InsurTech solutions that enable clients to deliver a frictionless UX to their agents, speeding their time to market and enabling growth, while achieving unparalleled operational efficiency. Founded by former regulators, RegEd has relationships with over 200 clients including the top financial services firms across the nation.

RegEd wanted to extend its market-leading Xchange solution and simplify the insurance agent onboarding process for its clients. Insurers’ onboarding processes are often outdated and require manual review and signature of the contracting documents, resulting in a disjointed process and elongated time to market for agents. The goal was to eliminate human intervention and manual work and create a seamless process between the insurer and its channel partners. RegEd and CRM Science developed an application for the Salesforce AppExchange to support Salesforce ISVforce. The result: a central hub for insurers and agencies that delivers real-time onboarding and the ability for agents to place business immediately.

Working with the different Salesforce products to create a streamlined process for insurance agents to be able to do their job efficently.

“CRM takes the time to truly understand the business use case, desired end state, ideal solution(s) and how to best create/implement identified solutions. CRM is not just a vendor we use, but rather a partner we rely on.” - Senior Vice President of Product Management


Contract Management System

The contract management system allows for contracts to be created by insurance agencies and tracked in Salesforce, including applications, documents, and the timeline. This directly connects RegEd’s documentation and companies working with RegEd to contract insurance agents.


The contracting process was made much easier by using Flows to capture info from the insurance agency working with RegEd as well as capture information from RegEd to make the entire contracting process faster.

The insurance agency’s administrator can use the designed template flows to automate the contracting processes, including gathering information and sending out necessary documents through email or DocuSign.

Scheduled Jobs

To increase efficiency, scheduled jobs were utilized to automate documents and check for any new updates to documents, such as signing them or adding information. In addition, scheduled jobs can also entirely automate the process of previewing all background checks.

User Experience

Our Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer created an intuitive app interface that is easy to use and can be seamlessly adopted by new users. This includes buttons that allow users to update or add contact information, as well as a user-friendly interface designed specifically for agents to easily access and review their own License data for accuracy.

A custom dashboard was designed to allow visual insight into essential business metrics. Tracking quotas, time to close, and contract status provide users with critical data to make accurate business decisions.

A key factor in user adoption is allowing users to customize the app to meet their specific business needs. A custom configuration page enables users to map fields in integrations, configure flows to streamline processes, and create dynamic contacts on demand through the use of snippets and a custom questionnaire to gather important information during the onboarding process.

A unique custom feature, a map of the United States, shows the states where agents can legally offer insurance.

A custom javascript chart was created from scratch to show an agency hierarchy based on API calls.

To cut down time on creating contacts, we designed a tool for privileged users to import partners into an Experience Builder Site from a CSV and automatically generate contracts for each.


In order to create a central hub for insurance contracting, RegEd, and CRM Science developed an application for the Salesforce AppExchange to support Salesforce ISVforce. The contract management system allows for contracts to be created and tracked in Salesforce. Critical business insights are now highly visible, and users can customize the app to meet their business needs. The app has increased efficiency and streamlined processes to close deals faster.


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