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Innovative Digital Transformation Across the Salesforce Platform



A national not-for-profit healthcare organization that works with government agencies, providers, and consumers to create and implement innovative programs that help bring policies to light has become one of the largest and most experienced healthcare quality improvement organizations in the nation. They’re able to do this by utilizing clinical expertise, emerging technologies, data solutions, and the diverse marketplace.

While they have been very successful, how they operate regarding their accounts, contacts, customers, interactions, and cases could be more efficient because they are all housed in various legacy systems. To consolidate and streamline its operations in a HIPAA-compliant platform, this national non-profit has partnered with CRM Science to implement Salesforce and various clouds and provide them with the structure to be more efficient with their operations.


The first step was to implement multiple Salesforce clouds and products: Health Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Pardot - to centrally manage all customer/provider accounts, contacts, customer interactions, and cases to help improve the client’s business operations.

Legacy System Migration

One of the biggest challenges faced by the client was the presence of multiple legacy systems that were no longer efficient. By migrating all the customer data from these systems to Salesforce, the client was able to deprecate the old systems and create a common platform to manage all accounts and contacts. This not only saved the client time and operational costs but also eliminated the issue of duplicate data.

Case Management

Our team launched a branded community portal using Experience Cloud, which allowed external contacts to create and self-manage their cases. This portal allowed external users to add case comments, view updates, and provide CSAT ratings. By leveraging Service Cloud features, a standard case management life cycle was defined and implemented, which automated the process of creating, assigning, and managing cases. Custom reports and dashboards were designed to allow managers and supervisors to view and track standard case management KPIs in real-time for their respective teams. These solutions helped increase case management productivity and provided better visibility of customer needs.

Health Cloud

In the healthcare industry, compliance policies are of utmost importance. By leveraging the Health Cloud provider data model and creating a defined account hierarchy, the client was able to store provider details in accordance with the account structure. This allowed for reliable synchronization with the Health Care Provider and Health Care Provider NPI objects. The account hierarchy was also designed to enable the client team to store health system, provider, sub-contractor accounts, and related contacts data, which made it easier to track healthcare systems, as well as individual hospitals and provider offices that exist in relation to their top-level Health Care System.


Pardot was integrated with Salesforce to implement email automation, marketing asset tracking, and content interaction reporting features. With the ability to create trackable marketing asset links and create a segmented prospect list to automatically email clients and track and report all customer interactions with those assets and emails, the client was able to improve their marketing strategies and increase customer engagement.


By implementing these solutions, the client was able to reduce labor costs, time, and increase operational efficiency by deprecating five legacy applications. They also improved CSAT across more than 270 hospitals and providers, and by automating and improving workflow, were able to manage almost 500 cases per month. In short, these solutions helped the client manage their data better and provide better service to their patients.


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