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Harnessing the Power of AI with Salesforce Einstein 1

Einstein chasing a butterfly.

Salesforce incorporated AI into their CRM with the release of Einstein in 2016, placing them at the forefront of AI technology. AI is embedded into every Salesforce app (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and so on) as a built-in intelligent assistant. As a result, every business user across various industries and roles can receive assistance within the Salesforce product they use daily.

In 2023, Salesforce announced the latest evolution of its AI power with the Einstein 1 Platform, which unifies data, AI, CRM, development, and security into a single, comprehensive platform. This framework organizes data across Salesforce applications and creates a unified view of data across an enterprise. Combined with Tableau's analytical capabilities, this platform provides standalone or embedded AI capabilities for business solutions.

The Einstein 1 Platform enables companies to connect their data easily and create AI-powered apps with low code to deliver CRM experiences while ensuring data privacy. With AI, businesses can use their customer data to create customizable, predictive, and generative AI experiences that meet all their business requirements and bring conversational AI to any workflow, user, department, or industry. 

Einstein allows all salesforce users to predict, discover, recommend, automate, & generate.

Intelligent Assistants

Every business uses Salesforce differently, so Einstein provides powerful tools for Admins and Developers to create customized intelligent assistants for their companies. Building an assistant that leverages natural language processing, intelligent interpretation, intent recognition, image-based text extraction, and agency components can significantly improve your business's ability to interact with and understand its customers. Additionally, you can develop features that allow your customers to communicate with intelligent assistants, receive prompt answers to their questions, and resolve routine issues efficiently.


AI Assistants are designed to work alongside users, and they can boost productivity by automating tasks, analyzing data, answering questions, providing contextual assistance, and more.

27% Faster Process using Salesforce Einstein 1

Introducing Einstein Copilot

Einstein Copilot is a natural language, conversational AI assistant built into every Salesforce application. Employees can express their questions or instructions in natural language as if talking to a human. Copilot assists users in streamlining their workflow by providing answers to natural language queries based on data from Salesforce Data Cloud. Additionally, Einstein Copilot can proactively suggest further actions after a sales call, check a consumer's order status, or change a shipping date. 

For example, with Einstein Copilot, sales reps can skip the UI and type in natural language queries like "Show me my Acme deals." Copilot will understand the request and pull up a list of related opportunities. It's like having a casual chat with a colleague.

Einstein Copilot Studio

Einstein Copilot Studio empowers businesses to create AI-powered apps with ease. These apps can be customized with personalized prompts, skills, and AI models to help companies speed up sales closures, streamline customer service, generate personalized websites, and perform many other business tasks. In addition, Einstein Copilot Studio can be set up to work across various consumer-facing channels like websites, real-time chat, Slack, WhatsApp, or SMS.

Einstein Trust Layer

Einstein Copilot and Einstein Copilot Studio operate within the Einstein Trust Layer, a secure AI architecture built into Salesforce that allows teams to generate high-quality AI results by grounding responses with customer data while maintaining their company's data privacy and security standards. Copilot respects standard Salesforce access controls like licenses and permissions, so it will always act securely, allowing you to benefit from generative AI without compromising customer data. At the same time, it lets you use trusted data to improve generative AI responses.

Einstein 1 Platform combines AI's benefits with security and privacy. It empowers your teams to improve efficiency with conversational AI assistants that streamline workflow. Now, businesses can use their data to improve customer engagement, make users more efficient, and personalize interactions.  

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