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Empowering Nonprofits with Salesforce NPSP and Nonprofit Cloud

CRM Science Empowering Nonprofits with Salesforce NPSP and Nonprofit Cloud

In a critical digital transformation era, many nonprofits are transitioning from traditional pen-and-paper methods to more efficient, tech-driven solutions. With its comprehensive tools designed for nonprofits, Salesforce is at the forefront of this change. Whether you’re considering the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) or the broader Nonprofit Cloud (NPC), Salesforce offers tailored solutions to meet the unique needs and challenges of the nonprofit sector. 

Are you a nonprofit needing a Salesforce solution or new to Salesforce and want guidance? The nonprofit experts at CRM Science are here to guide you to the best solution for your organization!

Nonprofit Success Pack

Nonprofits use or plan to utalize CRM tools like Salesforce

The philosophy that technology should bring people and organizations together to scale impact was a guiding force for the 2015 launch of NPSP by Salesforce. Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) helps your nonprofit organize your data. Get it out of the silos (spreadsheets, paper forms, e.g.) and into Salesforce for a unified view of your work, including the ability to track relationships and donations, improve workflows and processes, engage with donors, partner with grantmakers, and improve internal team communication.

Features of NPSP include contact management, program mamangement, findraising, and marketing/donr engagement

NPSP is Free

NPSP is a free, open-source software package that can be installed in your Salesforce instance from the AppExchange with no additional fee. If you’re not a Salesforce customer, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial of NPSP and Salesforce. Once you’ve signed up,  join the Power of Us program, which provides eligible nonprofits and educational institutions with donated access to Salesforce and deep discounts on additional products and services up to 10 free licenses.

Women happy using Salesforce

NPSP Offers Functionality

NPSP offers a ton of functionality out of the box, but to get the most out of your crm, you should collaborate with a implementation partner like CRM Science to customize NPSP to your organizations specific processes and needs.The nonprofit consultants at CRM Science will ensure you create a scalable solution that will grow with your organization.

Use Case of NPSP:

A national nonprofit whose sole mission is conservation wanted to fully transition multiple data sources to the Salesforce platform by implementing NPSP. CRM Science partnered with them to install and configure Salesforce NPSP from the ground up including configuration to reflect their constituents and imports of all fundraising-related data (donors, volunteers, and board members). NPSP allowed them to deprecate their legacy database and eliminate disparate systems. This organization has maintained a steady stream of fundraising initiatives, resulting in over 100K allocated for funding to other organizations in the conservation space. 

53% of nonprofit employee's say their nonprofit has strong relationships with donors.

Nonprofit Cloud

While NPSP is designed to help you organize and view your data, the new Nonprofit Cloud (NPC) is a more comprehensive platform integrating your data with Salesforce enhanced by Einstein artificial intelligence (AI). With NPSP as its foundation, Nonprofit Cloud is a unified solution that improves teamwork and eliminates the need for multiple systems, making it easier for organizations to raise funds, deliver services, and measure impact. 

By leveraging Einstein for Nonprofits, the AI capabilities of NPC including Generative CRM, nonprofits can deliver personalized and predictive messages and fundraising appeals to their constituents and achieve better results. 

Nonprofit Cloud Features include AI-powered CRM, Fundrasing/Marketing, Program Management, Case Management and Outcome Management/AI-driven Analytics.

Einstein Prediction Builder

Einstein Prediction Builder automatically uncovers insights, predicts outcomes, recommends next steps, and automates tasks. The data you’re already collecting in Salesforce can fuel Einstein’s AI models and give you the foundation you need to have a unified view of your contacts and manage your fundraising, marketing campaigns, programs, and grantmaking in Salesforce.

A comprehensive solution like NPC requires an experienced partner like CRM Science. It’s crucial to understand how NPC can help your organization and ensure that your NPC implementation will be successful. Read on to learn more about CRM Science, an experienced nonprofit consultant.

Use Case of NPC:

A medium-sized nonprofit leveraged Einstein Prediction Builder in Nonprofit Cloud to understand its fundraising campaigns. To make predictions, Einstein for Nonprofits references the common NPSP fields on the Contact, Opportunity, and Recurring Donation objects in your Salesforce instance. Then, Einstein Prediction Builder is used to predict how likely a contact is to become a first-time, recurring, or top donor. Each of these predictions uses different criteria.

Einstein for Nonprofits provided three crucial predictions regarding contacts: the probability of a contact becoming a first-time donor, the chance of them evolving into a recurring donor, and the likelihood of them ascending to the status of a top donor.

Then, they created targeted messaging for those contacts, creating deeper relationships and tracking giving, improving operational efficiency and increasing total donations.

Features and Functions of NPSP & Nonprofit Cloud.

Nonprofits’ Keys to Success with CRM Science and Salesforce 

Digital transformation can be intimidating for even the savviest nonprofits. How do you overcome years of processes that rely on paper documents and spreadsheets? How do you transition these processes to Salesforce and help your users adapt? 

CRM Science has worked with nonprofits of all sizes to make this transformation, and we can assist you, too! Here are some ways that can get you started.

Step one Choose a Consultant like CRM Science

Choosing the right consulting partner is critical to success. An experienced consulting partner can help you increase the return on your investment.

Step 2 explore the Salesforce platform.

CRM Science and Salesforce can provide demos of NPC features and a demo org that simulates an actual nonprofit environment without the risks.

Step 3 Appoint a Salsforce champion

Assign a Salesforce Champion within your organization – someone enthusiastic about the new system, adept at using it, and willing to learn.

Step 4, improve your processes with Salesforce.

Understanding and adapting to the new workflows that Salesforce enables is crucial. Finding efficiencies in process improvement can save time and money.

Step 5 Cultivate learning of the platform.

Continuous learning and adaptation are necessary for successful organizations to achieve their goal of continuous improvement.

Contact CRM Science Salesforce Consultants

At CRM Science, we use our Salesforce expertise to transform your business. We partner with you to strategize, optimize processes, and develop solutions across all Salesforce clouds. Look no further than CRM Science to help you maximize Salesforce’s value.

CRM Science is a Salesforce Summit Consulting Partner (Previously Platinum Partner), an Expert Product Development Outsourcer Partner (PDO), an Expert Managed Services Partner, and a Salesforce .org Premium Partner.

Salesforce has recognized our strategic consulting services with 5 Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards, an annual recognition for partners that deliver outstanding client success.

Contact us for all your Salesforce needs.

Contact CRM Science for all your Salesforce needs

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