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BikeMS: What It Means to Us

Importance of BikeMS to CRM Science

At CRM Science, working to make a difference in people’s lives is a goal of ours, and we strive to work with organizations that share these same values and goals. Whether it be through volunteering, donating, or participating in events such as Bike MS, many of these activities allow us to help with a cause, and that’s something that we’re all very passionate about here. In addition, having the opportunity to participate in these events gives us a way to support directly and hopefully make an impact in various communities, nonprofits, and the environment. However, in this blog, I’d like to write about why we participate in Bike MS and why it’s crucial for us.

BikeMS Event City To Shore

What is Bike MS?

If you’re unfamiliar with Bike MS, that’s fine because I’ll be going over it and hopefully influencing you to try to get involved with it! Bike MS is one of, if not the largest, cycling fundraising event in the world. Bike MS works with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to help fundraise for multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment, laws, and programs to help those who are struggling with MS. MS, a disease with no known cause and no cure, where your body decides to attack itself in an auto-immune response, this attack targets your central nervous system which is made up of your brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves.

Bike MS is one of the largest fundraising events for MS and has rides all throughout the country, over 68 of them! Whether it be riding along the coast, in the mountains, or even through a winery, you’ll be actively supporting the goal of creating a better environment and world for those who are struggling with MS. Bike MS allows you to either ride alone or ride with a team. It’s fairly easy to register to ride, and you can click this link and sign up to ride with us, CRM Science! If you’re not interested in riding physically then there are a plethora of ways you can support instead of riding, some of which are: donating, recruiting a rider, and even participating virtually!

Why Bike MS?

BikeMS Event CityTo Shore

As a company, we were looking for an initiative within the Salesforce ecosystem that we could support wholeheartedly and ultimately decided on Bike MS. We originally got involved with Bike MS in 2016 and have continued to participate since then. Our CEO, Ami Assayag, ended up taking a few team members out to California to participate in the Waves to Wine event. It became an event that he found very fun and decided that it was something that he could put his full support into. Bike MS ended up being something that the team is excited to participate in, whether it’s the City to Shore (New Jersey) or Waves to Wine (California) route. It’s an experience that really brings the most of those participating and those supporting, it’s a wonderful opportunity to help make an impact on the everyday lives of those who are struggling with MS. Through Bike MS and MS Society’s various endeavors, we’ve been able to see significant advancements in the healthcare and treatments revolving around MS.

Our Experience

The experience of participating and working towards the goal for Bike MS is an experience like none other. Our team has had wonderful experiences throughout taking part in Bike MS and that is evidently shown below:

“It’s really cool to reach, or even exceed that target fundraising goal and then the ride is kind of like the ‘reward’ for meeting that milestone.”

- Ami Assayag

“Bike MS events aren't just for cycling enthusiasts. They're great events, supported by great people, for an even greater cause. Participating in the rides has allowed me to see beautiful parts of the country while fundraising and bringing awareness towards the disease.”

- Kirk Steffke

“Riding for Bike MS started out as cycling, training with our team, raising money, and traveling to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge with the Salesforce team. 6 years later, it has been all about fundraising and raising awareness for the MS Society and being part of the experience, as well as adding to the experience for the City to Shore ride. Riding through the streets toward the finish line and hearing all of the cheers, and claps, and seeing the smiles of supporters is overwhelming in the best way possible. For me, it is now a family event as well as including family riders.”

- Mike Katulka

Through our support and the community built around us, we raised over $500,000 for MS Society, which we’re really proud of! It’s amazing for us to be able to look at how much money we’ve been to raise for this cause but we’re able to see in real-time how it’s beginning to change the ways that MS is treated and cared for. It’s an event that anyone can become a part of, whether you want to physically support, virtually support, or just donate, you’re more able to be a part of this amazing mission.

BikeMS Event City To Shore


Bike MS means a lot to every one of us at CRM Science and we hope that you’ll be able to come to join us for a Bike MS ride! Being able to participate in Bike MS gives us the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of everyone who struggles with MS and we love that we have this opportunity to do so. Whether it’s the ride, the fundraising, or showing your support for Bike MS, it’s going to be a time of joy, accomplishment, and a sense of journey. The level of support that MS Society has been able to bring to the treatment of MS through events such as Bike MS has had astronomical impacts on the ways that MS is treated and viewed by healthcare professionals and those who are trying to educate themselves on MS. Bike MS has been an amazing way to show your support for people living with MS and help make more people aware of what MS is and how it affects the lives of people around the world, we’re honored to be able to participate in this event and hope that anyone reading this blog will also join us in support for MS.


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