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Acts Retirement-Life Communities: The Ongoing COVID-19 Challenge and Moving Past the Pandemic

Acts Retirement-Life Communities Customer Success Story


* Winner of the 2019 Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards


Established in 1972, Acts Retirement-Life Communities (Acts) has been setting the standard for senior retirement living since opening its retirement center. They have established a reputation for strength and stability in the senior living industry and they maintain this reputation with their advancements in technology, including, to stay ahead of the competition.

Acts had to respond to the raging pandemic to manage all 26 of their communities, over 11,000 residents, and more than 8,000 workers and find solutions that helped them get through the pandemic and be prepared for the pandemic's after-effects.

They needed help storing vaccination information, creating an efficient pre-screen survey, and a way to keep up with the ever-changing government COVID-19 regulations and guidelines. To meet its goals, Acts partnered with CRM Science to implement new solutions and efficiencies.

Salesforce Sales, Service, Experience Cloud, Platform, Customer 360.
“At the heart of it, CRM Science invested in our mission, and that allowed our partnership to evolve. I have great appreciation for what that has helped us to achieve today.” - Peter Kress, CIO Acts

Our Solutions

To help Acts achieve its goals, we implemented solutions utilizing the Salesforce Platform, Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, and Health Cloud. CRM Science built a connected stack of solutions to help Acts meet their quickly changing requirements and reopening needs.

Using custom APIs and feeds, enabled Acts to send emergency communications out via voice. Integrated visitor contacts to case management to conduct contact tracing.

Health Screener Application

Expanding on Acts’ Health Screener Application, integration with Health Cloud and the Platform to provided determine the safety of admittance to Acts’ facilities. Utilizing a survey with built-in logic to check for red flags that tell screening staff if anyone needs to be restricted from entering the campus for health and/or safety reasons, along with data imported from Health cloud to pre-qualify entrants based on health status stored in compliant systems.

Constructed new solutions that allow for the Health Screener Application to standardize itself with federal and state-level COVID-19 regulations while also improving the speed at which the screener can process patients, this was achieved by implementing the Lightning platform, Apex code, lightning webpages, and Org-to-org communication via API callouts.

Pre-screening Survey

Improved the pre-screening survey so that it can utilize records from the already existing Health Cloud to another Sales Cloud Org using API Callouts. The Health Cloud will send out an email survey to the patient using scheduled flows from Health Cloud and once it is completed, the results are sent to the Sales Cloud to expedite the procedure as a whole.

Acts Client Success Story : 5180K people screened at facilities across the country.


With the implementation of the Health Screener App, Pre-screener, and utilization of the Salesforce Platform and its wide range of products, Act was able to see tremendous growth throughout the pandemic as well as help many in need during

Since the launch of the Health Screener App in May 2020, over 5,180,000+ people were screened at Acts facility entrances across the country.

Using the contact form, the contact information of 850+ resident family members was collected to extend communications during COVID-19 and staged openings.

Between mid-2021 and mid-2022 Acts’ Experience Cloud Resident Portal had an increase of 507 residents from the prior year’s 1900 active users, showing a 26.53% increase in resident engagement.

During the pandemic, innovative solutions on the Salesforce Platform contributed to continued service, including 10,000,000+ meals and 1,000,000 activities for residents annually.

Salesforce Platform technologies contributed to Acts’ ability to successfully safeguard communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and allowed for a strategic and safe return to normal while re-opening.


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