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New Features and Improvements in the Salesforce Summer ‘20 Release

Salesforce Summer '20 Release

Summer 2020 may be off to a unique start, but that doesn’t stop Salesforce from another great release!

To learn more about the Salesforce Summer ‘20 Release, check out this trail: Summer '20 Release Highlights. You can also access the full Salesforce Summer ‘20 Release Notes here.

Salesforce Summer ‘20 Release Date

The Summer ‘20 Release was originally scheduled to be available in June 2020. However, Salesforce has made the rare decision to delay the Summer ‘20 release for one month.

You can see when Summer ‘20 will be in your production org at

Salesforce Summer ‘20 Release Highlights

As usual, this release is packed with great new features and improvements, here are a few of my favorites: Command Center Command Center

Salesforce has released valuable resources to help your organization return to work safely.

The Command Center offers a single view of your organization’s:

  • Employee Wellness

  • Shift management

  • Training

  • Facility Preparedness

Use this single view to determine your workforce’s readiness to return to work.

The Kanban View in Salesforce Lightning has been one of my favorite features for a long time. It is a powerful tool for understanding your sales pipeline or caseload.

With the new enhancements, you can now see key details and guidance from the Kanban view and celebrate closed-won deals with confetti!

If you have combined the powers of Salesforce Live Agent in Service Cloud and Einstein, the Einstein Reply Recommendations feature is for you.

Einstein is now ready with a suggested reply to help your support representatives give tried-and-true replies to common messages in a single click. Machine learning makes these recommendations smarter and more dynamic than ever.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder

Marketers understand that you need to grab a customer’s attention quickly, and every click can be a barrier to interaction.

With interactive email in Marketing Cloud, marketers can build interactive experiences, like surveys, directly in an email. This means customers don’t have to leave their inbox to give you valuable feedback and information.

A few releases ago, Salesforce launched Salesforce CMS. With every release, the Salesforce CMS product is getting better and better.

This release has combined the power of a Content Management System (CMS) with the power of Audiences. This allows you to control which users see what content using Audiences.

Lightning Communities Personalization and Security

Enhanced Personalization Now you can level-up personalization in Communities with Navigation Menus, Tile Menus, and CMS Collections. In addition, an update to ExperienceBundle means developers can now adjust theme layout properties.

Guest User Security Building upon security updates in previous Salesforce releases, some security settings are automatically enabled with the Summer ‘20 release. This release also brings new security protections to Communities that allow guest user access. Protections include guest user sharing rules you can set up before enabling the secure guest user record access setting.

More Salesforce Summer ‘20 Release Features

The features and enhancements discussed in this blog are just the tip of the Summer ‘20 iceberg. Review the full Salesforce Summer ‘20 Release Notes to get a complete picture of everything that’s included in the release.

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