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Life can be messy but your Salesforce org doesn't have to be.

When CRM Science is invited to dive into an org, it’s often a huge mess. Often these orgs have been left in a cluttered and ineffective state through the best intentions of internal staff and one or more Salesforce consultancies. Initial implementation efforts, attempts at customization, and experimentation with various apps introduced overtime create a less than ideal foundation that business data, logic, and processes need to be successful, allowing for end-user confusion and low system adoption due to complicated page layouts, misconfigurations, and/or many other common culprits.

Why do we value mess clean up?

Because it makes a big difference in the lives of everyday users. A disorganized org can generate frustration among sales reps, marketing departments and anyone who relies on their CRM to conduct business. While on the other hand, an organized and well planned org creates an impressive increase in efficiency and productivity. Marketing directors can locate the contacts they need quicker. Sales reps can track their leads and opportunities at a glance. And everyone can benefit from a simple, easy to use UI. Cleaning up a messy org is often the first step towards a renewed focus on company-wide adoption and usage of Salesforce as an integral and connected system.

Our process for org clean up is thorough and deliberate.

First, we talk with the client to learn their unique business processes; we listen, ask questions, and diagnose pain points to determine specific needs and identify the quick wins that can make an immediate difference. Meanwhile, we’re analyzing and reviewing the current state of the org, including the customizations, integrations, and system/user/data security configurations to develop a cleanup road map, with consideration to planned future usage and expansion. Our findings and plans are reviewed with the client for additional conversation and approval, upon which we get to work towards restoring order. Concurrently, we meet with our clients to discuss progress, demonstrate options and additional features, and begin planning next steps. We’re also introducing best practices for change requests, testing/QA/UAT, and deployment strategies. This ongoing assistance places companies on the path to success for years to come.

At CRM Science, we believe adopting Salesforce best practices leads to continued success and are confident in our approach because it works. When a small nonprofit approached us, they communicated that their definition of success was to have a clean, straightforward, working environment that implemented data best practices. We spent time with the client to learn the underlying needs of their business teams and users, worked towards an optimal org configuration and data model, and introduced the formerly lacking required fields, validation rules, and dupe prevention measures to deliver on their definition of success. A side benefit of the cleanup effort was reduced costs due to the dramatic decrease in unnecessary data leading to storage costs and removal of unused and unnecessary paid Apps.

It doesn’t matter how large the company is, how long the Salesforce org has used (or unused), or the amount of customization that has been performed (or size of the mess); our thorough process will help you find a new baseline to perform your routine business operations and be in an ideal state to continue evolving through subsequent enhancement.a planned and deliberately configured environment will always yield more success than environments cluttered with past failed or distressed projects.

Don’t let your org and its shortcomings hamper your business by losing sight of what’s possible by leveraging all the powerful utilities that Salesforce provides and continues to roll-out, release after release.

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