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What We’re Excited About MOST from Dreamforce '22

Whether you attended Dreamforce in person or on Salesforce+, there were many announcements that we are excited about. This year’s Dreamforce came punching with new features, updates, and integrations that will streamline your processes and make your job much easier.

In this blog, we’ll talk about our favorite announcements. Spoiler warning, there are a lot of REALLY cool features coming!

1. Salesforce Genie

Powering the first-ever real-time CRM comes Salesforce Genie. The idea of using AI to power your organization is such a cool concept, and it can revolutionize CRM technology! Genie is already generally available, and some partners are already working with it. A real-time data platform that works with the Customer 360 platform automates the entire experience. It is able to use your data to create a real-time customer graph which gives you insight into a customer profile record. Having real-time data allows you also to improve your own experience on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Slack. Google, Amazon, and Meta are already working with Genie.

2. Slack Huddles Coworking and Canvas

Already a potent tool, Slack is getting even more innovative and providing a more efficient method of being able to work together as a team through the platform. They had spoken about this at Slack Frontiers earlier this year, but have confirmed this availability at Dreamforce. Slack Huddles will now allow the usage of video, multi-screen sharing, and a message thread that can save to the channel. Slack Canvas will provide your team with the ability to create a new surface in your org’s Slack channel that can be curated and used to share any necessary information for your team. Having this option will give your teams the ability to find the information they need at lightning speed and overall improve productivity. This is something that we’re so happy to see because it really helps reinforce Slack as our Digital HQ. Having already been using these features since they’ve released, we’ve been having a lot of fun and have been able to enjoy corroborating a lot more!

3. Salesforce Net Zero Cloud

This is a huge one if you’re passionate about environmental protection and helping keep your carbon footprint low! We’re super excited to see some more emphasis on protecting the environment, especially considering the current eco-climate state of the world. The Net Zero Cloud allows your organization to cut costs and emissions all in one place. It allows you to effectively manage your real-time sustainability data, help automate supply emission tracking, and predict and mitigate potential risks. Some of the main features are Carbon Accounting, Executive Stakeholder Reporting, Emissions Forecasting and Simulations, and finally, Supplier Management and Scope.

4. Salesforce Well-Architected

Salesforce Well-Architected is a new way to receive valuable resources to help make the best choices for your org. It can show you how to maximize your experience and time within Customer 360! There will be extensive guidelines and ideas that will help a designer make the best choices for long-term org health. You can receive guidance from Salesforce architects as a way to help you build “Trusted, Easy, and Adaptable” strategies within your org. We’re planning on staying updated with it and what it can do!

5. Enhanced Assert Class

It may seem small, but developers appreciate it when methods are grouped and class names are meaningful. That's why a little thing like Assert methods getting grouped under an Assert Class is fantastic. It means things are easier to remember, thus faster to write and easier to proofread and perfect. Even forcing a failure is quick, easy, and intuitive enough for anyone to recall without checking the documentation or previous examples. Who doesn't like one more chance to avoid reading the documentation? In addition, while test classes are a tedious but necessary evil, now, with the enhanced Assert Class, you're able to group issues into types, making troubleshooting and solving errors that much faster. It's a totally under-the-hood enhancement but one that will make one of the more challenging aspects of development much easier.


These five announcements are what we took away from Dreamforce this year. There was a plethora of new announcements, updates, and features that came this year too! You can catch up on Salesforce+ or read the official Salesforce documentation. There is a lot to be excited about that came out of this year’s Dreamforce. We encourage you to check out everything that came out of Dreamforce if you already haven’t. There’s way too much awesome stuff that you may be missing out on. Being able to see a lot of these announcements in person was a blast too! This was the Dreamforce revival, and Salesforce showed everything they’ve got! They ensured that it was a memorable experience as a whole. We are already looking forward to next year and what it brings.


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