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Top 5 Summer ‘21 Release Features for Salesforce Admins

Salesforce Summer Release Notes Top Admin Features

Codey Bear

With the excitement for summer and the beach days nearly in full force, Salesforce has rolled out its Summer ‘21 release.

Update Fields from Report Run Page with Inline Editing (Beta)

Every Salesforce Admin utilizes reports for running day-to-day operations and seeing KPIs via charts and dashboards. This new update will allow Admins to also run reports for use in data cleaning or making updates to fields. Reports will now be editable inline within the report run so that a user can change data right within the report table and save. This saves time by not having to click into the record to update the field and save. This feature is great for those times when you have a few records to update, and creating a list view seems unnecessary.

NOTE: Must request Salesforce to turn on In-line Editing in Reports and then update the User Interface settings in Set/Reports and Dashboards.

Reports and Dashboard Settings in Salesforce

One caveat - inline editing is not supported for these fields and/or field types

  • Task and Event object fields

  • System fields such as Record ID and Created Date

  • Compound fields, including name and address fields

  • Picklists

  • Custom date/time fields

  • Encrypted text fields

  • Formula fields

  • Standard fields of type date/time, auto number, rollup summary, record type, master-detail, long text area, rich text, or hierarchy

  • Other fields where editing isn’t permitted due to restrictions in the page layout or record type

Set Expirations for Assignments on Permissions in Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups (Beta)

Sometimes admins need to give Users additional permissions for various reasons, such as covering a colleague while another is on vacation or performing new job responsibilities while training, among many others. The downside has always been that the admin has to remember to remove the temporarily applied permissions when they’re no longer needed. Now with Summer ‘21, expiration dates can be applied to permissions applied via Permission Sets and Permission Set Groups to do this automatically.

Require Verification When Experience Cloud Users, Partners, and Customers Change Their Email Address (Update, Enforced)

This is an update that is enforced in the Summer ‘21 Release. The verification email that internal Users get when their email address changes will also be sent out to those within Experiences (previously Communities). This is something that will be crucial to know about so that when Partners or Experience Cloud Users change their email address, we need to be ready to inform them that they need to click the link in their email to finish the verification process.

Prepopulate Dependent Picklists with Default Values

Using dependent picklists, prepopulate default values on the following objects: Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, Leads, and custom objects.

Flow Enhancements

Flow Elements

We’ve seen a lot of attention to introducing new functionality to Salesforce Flows and this release is no exception. Here are some of our favorites

  • Build Multi-Column Screens in Flow Builder (GA)

Without any code, create visually appealing screen flows through the use of the new Section Component. Adding this Section Component to the Screen Canvas allows you to add columns, set their widths, and control their visibility. You can then add other screen components into these columns you have created. The screenshot below shows a section that has been created containing various components and an example of adding a new section.

Add more columns in Flow

  • Control Picklist Requiredness

Thumbs up for this enhancement and something that has been requested for quite some time! Previously, if a picklist didn’t have a default value, the first option in the list was automatically selected. Without the --None-- picklist option, a required picklist automatically selects the first option and starts out in a state that doesn’t trigger the required-ness check at run-time. The --None-- picklist option is automatically prepended in picklists and treated as null!

Control Picklist Requiredness

  • Scheduled Paths in Auto-Layout

Who doesn’t love the new Auto Layout feature in Flow?. With the Summer ‘21 release, you can now create scheduled paths while in Auto-Layout. Scheduled paths are similar to time-dependent actions in Workflows and scheduled actions in Process Builder. This is a Beta feature and should be used cautiously.

Scheduled Paths in Auto-Layout


More good news! Do you have process builders or workflows using the ISCHANGED, ISNEW, or PRIORVALUE functions? Now you can create record triggered flows using these same functions where you previously could not. Great time to start looking at your current automations to determine what can be converted to flows!

  • Let Users Select Multiple Options

Now without a lot of rework, you are able to switch between one choice component and choose another choice component. Currently, flow screens have 4 choice components: checkbox group, multi-select picklist, picklist, and radio button. Using the New “Let Users Select Multiple Options” and the Component type field you can switch between the multiple choice options and single choice options with minimal rework.

Flow Label

These are just a few of the many new enhancements released by Salesforce in the Summer ‘21 Release. Check out the Summer ‘21 Release notes for All the new features and functionality released this month!


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