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National Volunteer Week 2023

National Volunteer Week is here, and at CRM Science, we're thrilled to take this opportunity to recognize the incredible contributions of our colleagues who volunteer their time, energy, and expertise to impact their communities positively. As a company participating in Salesforce's Pledge 1% program, we're committed to giving back and making a difference in the world. We encourage our employees to engage in activities that enhance and serve the communities in which we live and work.

For this blog post, I sat down and asked my fellow Lab Coaters about their most memorable experience in their volunteering efforts and what it means to them and share ways you can get involved and make a difference too.

Jon Chen

“For me, volunteering is an opportunity to come together with people from various walks of life that I may not otherwise get to know. Having a shared goal allows us to come together and focus on what we have in common with one another”.

My most memorable experience was when I donated platelets to help at the American Red Cross. After donating, a parent of a child with cancer thanked me and said her child needed platelets like mine to stay healthy. She was grateful to blood donors like me. Hearing about how my donation helped her child was very rewarding.

Patrick O’Leary My work with MusicWorks shaped me into who I am today. Through firsthand experiences with people with disabilities, I learned to see them as individuals first. This taught me the importance of treating everyone with kindness and compassion, regardless of ability. Growing up around people with disabilities also showed me they have untapped potential that can be unlocked with effective communication.

Check out MusicWorks and see how you can help make a difference.

Philip Bolognini CRM Science offers a generous VTO (Volunteer Time Off) benefit, and I'm excited to take advantage of it. I am motivated by the example of our lord Jesus Christ to show people God's love by helping them without expecting anything in return.

Giving out food as part of a church shows people that God loves them and wants to give freely to those who will receive it. In addition, it encourages people to get to know God on their own so that He can provide for them directly, and they can eventually help others.

Organizations I Support: Bloom For Women & Hope Food Pantry

Mike Katulka

The most memorable was the first year of the CRM Science Bike MS fundraising with Salesforce. The excitement was through the roof, knowing we would travel across the country to bike with the Salesforce team and others during Waves to Wine for a 2-day event. The positive environment has sparked a yearly contribution of my time and personal fundraising.

The company support has made me feel responsible for volunteering my time. If I don't, I see a lost opportunity for the community to benefit from my company's driving force.

Visit Bike MS City to Shore website to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis and how you can help.

Angela Michael

For most of my adult life, I’ve sought ways to help people in the community. The genuine joy of helping someone is my driving force.

My most memorable experience is my service to a program called Liberty Ministries, which exists to serve offenders in prison and ex-offenders in the community. Through donations, Liberty Ministry provides inmates with holiday bags filled with everyday items taken for granted. Socks, toothbrushes, cookies, and snacks are placed in bags and handed out during the holiday season. I can’t explain how emotional it is to see the faces of men and women that are grateful to receive the items, hope, and love that come with each package.

Click the link to find out more about Liberty Ministry.


Thank you to Jon, Patrick, Philip, and Mike for sharing their inspiring volunteer experiences. Their stories remind us that volunteering benefits our lives and perspectives. As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, let's continue supporting and encouraging each other to give back and positively impact our communities.


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