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Implementing Salesforce: Revitalizing a Large Non-Profit's Outdated Support Center

CRM Science Implments Salesforce and Revitalized a Large Non-Profits Outdated Support Center



A large non-profit with over $64 million in revenue and 575 employees in the consumer services industry needed to replace an outdated CRM platform that prevented them from providing a consistent experience for their consumers and service reps. Their goals were to decrease the number of cases and improve the efficiency of call center reps while increasing customer satisfaction and improving their bottom line.

Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Einstein, Salesforce Customer 360, Salesforce Omni-Channel, Implmented Web-to-case, Email-to-case, Salesforce Knowledge and Salesforce Entitlement Process

Our Solution

CRM Science worked with their team to implement Salesforce Service Cloud to provide them with a robust customer support platform that gives agents the power to deliver service as instant and easy as a conversation.

Service Cloud automatically routes cases to the right agent at the right time. Then puts all the customer information they need at their fingertips on one screen—the Service Console. The Service Console saves agents valuable time by solving cases quickly, proficiently, and effectively without switching screens.

CRM Science created $500,000 cost savings for the company in 1 year.

Case Management

Web-to-Case was enabled to create Cases automatically from the website, so agents respond to customers faster and improve the support team's productivity.

Email-to-Case was also set up, and now the customer support team has access to various email templates improving response times and reducing agent time on case management.

Case Deflection

Einstein chatbot was implemented to address simple customer support requests. Agents can also now create a Contact in Salesforce directly from the chatbot.

Knowledge articles were enabled to maximize the chatbot's effectiveness, and a database of articles with answers is available in the chat. In addition, the customer support team can also refer to these articles to resolve cases with accurate information.

Case Routing

Omni-Channel for Live Chat was implemented to address the more complex issues. Now cases can be routed to live agents to handle more complex matters, which has helped improve the overall consumer experience and the agents' satisfaction.

A detailed Entitlement Process was built to implement milestones based on case origin, so SLA and deadlines are met.

Custom Printing

More good news for agents, the overall agent experience improved by allowing them to print customer letter responses more efficiently. We created a custom solution that creates a PDF and attaches it to the case as a file with the click of a button.

CRM Science Reduced Chat Case Resolution Time by 40% & Lowered Call Center Engagement by 50%


With the implementation of Service Cloud and its many robust features, they reduced call center engagement by staff members by 50% via case deflection and automated case resolution. It also resulted in cost savings of over $500,000 in the first year.

In addition, they reduced chat case resolution time by almost 40% and improved member experience by virtually eliminating dropped chats.

Ultimately, they ended up with a modern and efficient service center, resulting in high satisfaction for agents and customers.


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