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DocuSign: Leveraging Experience Cloud to Improve Customer and Partner Engagement

CRM Science & DocuSign Leveraging Experience Cloud to Improve Customer and Partner Engagement



DocuSign, a company that helps organizations connect and automate how they prepare, sign, act on, and manage agreements, had inefficiencies with the data on their legacy web content management system, Drupal. Their data had to be copied to Drupal and Salesforce independently, resulting in duplicative data. They struggled when it came to finding any partner, customer, or employee data due to the inefficient user experience. To solve this problem, DocuSign partnered with CRM Science to implement Salesforce Experience Cloud.

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“The CRM Science team is top notch. We received many kudos for the solution that they provided for our company.” - Sr Partner Strategy and Programs Manager, DocuSign

Our Solutions

DocuSign partnered with CRM Science to help consolidate all of their data into Salesforce and aid in streamlining all partner, employee, and customer data.

By using Experience Cloud, we were able to expand on DocuSign's currently existing partner portal by adding self-service functionality and a new Partner Finder. Utilizing the Experience, Sales, and Service clouds, we were able to completely redesign the experience for Partners, Employees, and Customers.

To make utilizing the partner self-service portal easier and more efficient, we completely redefined the user experience which included the ability to create and edit profiles. This also included search bar features, help text, improved navigation, and included all DocuSign branding. The Partner and Solution pages were also redesigned to be more appealing to the eye.

To ensure that the process of reviewing and approving any partner profiles or solutions is as easy as possible, we implemented a streamlined approval process. We also created automation for the maintenance of Partner and Solution filtering by linking filters with corresponding field data.

CRM Science & DocuSign Increased Search Capability by 500% and is 100 times faster to find partners.


With the Partner Finder functionality, DocuSign is now able to reduce the time it takes Docusign employees to update partner information from 1-2 days to 10-15 minutes, over 100 times faster.

By implementing enhanced search features, the search capability has increased by over 500% from 24 filters across 3 categories to 80 filters across 6 different categories.

Improved visibility and accuracy of 200 partner profiles and 330 partner solutions by 100%.


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