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Benefits of Using Slack and Salesforce to Increase Productivity

Slack & Salesforce Integration

As we all know, Salesforce has acquired Slack. What this means is that using Slack and Salesforce together opens a wide variety of opportunities. Slack by itself was already an intuitive tool used by a plethora of businesses around the world but now having it be integrated with the Salesforce ecosystem gives your organization new tools to help drive business forward and improve the working environment of your organization as a whole.

Slack, Salesforce, Twitter, Trello, Google & Office 365

In this blog, we will be going over Slack’s integration with Salesforce and how you can use them together.

Close Deals More Efficiently and Increase Productivity

Inbound Leads from Salesforce into Slack

New versatility when trying to close deals:

  • Allows you to streamline the sales process by giving your team the ability to work together all while giving your team the flexibility of allowing them to work where, when, and how they want

  • Integrated data that your teams can see in one place at anytime

  • Slack and Salesforce now allow your organization to sync your Salesforce records with Slack so you can automatically be alerted to help teams work efficiently

Create stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your customers:

  • Using Slack will allow you to work with customers in a way that becomes more personalized and gives you the ability to create deeper relationships

  • The ability to have real-time conversations with stakeholders and customers

  • The benefit of being able to get feedback from your customer immediately and allow your teams to adapt to that feedback instant

Automated workflows improve productivity:

  • Be able to act on customer insights from Salesforce in Slack

  • Automating the onboarding process will allow you to start new team members quicker and more efficiently

  • Through peer-to-peer learning, you can discuss how teams were able to be successful in their sales and help improve everyone’s ability to make sales or close deals

Stay Connected with Slack and Improve Organization Workflows

Make the most out of your investment in Slack and Salesforce:

  • Be able to bring all of your tools and technologies together in one place to give your teams access to everything they need in one place

  • Securely connect all of the info from your tools and technologies directly into Slack where your teams can view it and work with it efficiently.

  • Be able to realize the value in using Slack and Salesforce together

Work lightning fast with collaboration in Slack:

  • Automate workflows with programmable bots, tools, and applications

  • Use Slack to expedite work and help guide communication topics in your organization’s Slack

  • Utilizing Slack and Slack Connect will allow you to communicate with customers securely and efficiently

Slack is flexible and very easy to use:

  • Push your organization’s success with Slack and its engaging UI

  • Having all of your discussions and conversations be localized to one app helps facilitate communication between your teams

  • Slack helps create a sense of community and teamwork which makes it very easy for everyone to adapt to and use it daily

Slack Client Alerts from Salesforce
Slack Example Channel from Salesforce

Ensure Customer Satisfaction and Improve Customer Support

Be able to provide issues to the right teams using Slack:

  • Be able to handle cases and issues in real-time and assign team members to the case with the Service Cloud for Slack app

  • Use Slack Huddles to solve issues and collaborate on projects

  • Find answers throughout Slack using the AI-power search within Slack

Optimize your teams’ experience and set them up for success:

  • Be able to start new members with the automated and engaging onboarding process

  • Have access to real-time performance insights of your team members and be able aid them with any issues they have

  • Facilitate a team culture that is friendly, engaging, and positive by having clear discussions and communication with Slack

Relationship customers become stronger and deeper:

  • Slack Connect will allow your organization to provide customers with better support that is personalized and more meaningful

  • Be able to solve issues in real-time with your customers, teams, and tools on Slack

  • Share feedback with your teams to help provide customers with a better experience and deliver a stronger product

Connecting Slack to Partners, Prospects, Clients, Inbound/Outbound Referrals & Vendors


Salesforce and Slack now being integrated with each other is an extremely intuitive technical decision. As we’ve shown through this blog, Slack and Salesforce can be used in tandem with each other to create some pretty impressive results. Especially regarding how you can use their tools and integrations to drive your organization’s business forward. Whether you’re trying to close a deal, collaborate on a project, or ensure customer satisfaction, you can use Slack and Salesforce to do all of these things and more. Feel free to read more about Slack and Salesforce working together here.


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