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Our Top Lightning Only Features

Our Top Lightning Only Features

Salesforce Lightning is so much more than a beautiful user interface. Lightning improves how you work and helps you make better decisions for your organization. There are many features that are only available in Lightning. Here are some of our favorites:

Kanban View: When you are looking at an opportunity list view, you can instead select to view the opportunities on a Kanban board organized by stage. This view shows you all of the opportunities in the filter totaled by stage. From here you can get a clear view of your pipeline.

Paths: Do you want to give your team more guidance as they are working on opportunities or other objects with complex processes? Paths offer key fields and guidance as you work through the various stages of an opportunity. They can also be customized for any object where users need a little more support.

Lightning Dialer: When you are managing a call center or any team that is pounding the phone, every manager wants more information about the calls their team is making. Ideally, all of that information is pulled into Salesforce in real time. Well, what if the phone was right in Salesforce? Lightning Dialer is a new service that makes that dream a reality. This native to Salesforce phone solution streamlines calls and captures the information you care most about along the way.

Lightning Communities: Communities are a great way to connect with your customers and partners. With Lightning, Communities are easier to create, brand, and maintain than ever before. Lightning Communities offers a powerful drag and drop interface that allows you to easily add new content and functionality for your users. New templates make creating beautiful communities easier than ever.

Lightning for Outlook: Do your users want to work in one system without needing to flip back and forth between email and Salesforce? Lightning for Outlook brings all of your Salesforce data, task management, and call logging right into Outlook. Users gain new efficiency by working directly from Outlook and having all the support they need from Salesforce.

Lightning Snap-Ins: When customers, prospects, or donors come to your website they may have questions they need to be answered immediately. With Lightning Snap-Ins, the Live Agent Chat experience becomes simpler and more beautiful than ever. Snap-Ins gives you the opportunity to brand the chat experience and delight your users. Using Snap-ins paves the way for Einstein Bots to help handle chats from your users.

Lightning offers powerful tools that provide amazing insight and create efficiency. Trailhead will help you learn more about lightning. Looking for help converting to Lightning? Click here to contact us

Eliza Hammer, Engagement Success Manager at CRM Science

Written by Eliza Hammer, Engagement Success Manager

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