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Get Started with Field Service Lightning

get started with field service lightning

Launched in 2016, Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning is the fastest growing product in the company’s history according to a report by CNBC. What is Field Service Lighting and why are companies adding this product to their suite of Salesforce products?

At a high level, FSL consists of a suite of standard objects providing key functionality. Although touted to be easily set-up “out-of-the-box”, from my perspective set-up requires education, planning, collaboration, and resources to properly get FSL up and running. (Note: the “Complete Guide to Field Service – Winter ’19” is 280 pages!)

Key Features include (but are not limited too):

  1. Workforce Management – ability to establish and set-up service territories (multilevel regions where your service techs work), service resources, and service crews (including skills and territory assignments)

  2. Time Tracking functions – set-up operating hours not only for service territories but also for service resources. Track resource time via time sheets

  3. Work Orders – mechanism to track one-time or recurring work to be performed. Includes details about the resource assigned, skills, and tools required. With the latest Salesforce releases, now able to attach knowledge articles and track SLA’s through milestones

  4. Inventory Management – track status and manage inventory at customer sites, warehouse, and service vehicles

With the installation of the Field Service Lightning managed package you are provided with enhanced functionality and capability that includes:

  1. Optimization and scheduling – through work rules and scheduling policies perform optimization in the assignment of resources, based on skills, travel time, location, and more

  2. Dispatcher Console – Either via a dynamic map or customizable Gantt chart, provides dispatchers a birds-eye view of work order

As with all Salesforce products, enhancements and additional functionality are added to FSL on a thrice-yearly basis. Winter ’19 is no exception and a few highlights include:

  • Dispatch Console for Contractors – allows contractors and third-party workers to schedule their own service appointments in a lightning Community

  • Lightning Flow for Service – provide steps in a guided action list

  • Product Transfers related lists – allow you to track the movement of inventory

  • Service Reports – can now write triggers on Service reports. Service reports also now include a new Signed checkbox to easily identify those reports that contain a signature.

Do you have a mobile workforce, contractors, or third parties who service your customers? Interested in knowing how Field Service Lightning can help maximize your business? Contact us.

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