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CRM Science Goes Live from TrailheaDX with Special Guest from Cloud Conversion - Week 9

We took this weeks recap on the road to TrailheaDX, Ami Assayag sits down with Jon from Cloud Conversion to talk about week 9 at the Salesforce Incubator. We then take you on a tour of Start-up Valley at TrailheaDX and get a chance to talk with some of the start-ups at the Salesforce Incubator!

Ami and Jon talked about incubator participation in panels and presentations TrailheaDX, the Startup Valley, Salesforce Einstein wish list, and partnering between SI and ISVs.

CRM Science Goes Live from the Salesforce Incubator series takes place every Friday at 11 am pst / 2 pm est on Twitter. Tune in next week for another engaging session! The CRM Science crew was selected by Salesforce to mentor the incubator start-ups by getting them more familiar with Salesforce technologies and the Salesforce community and ecosystem.

Ami Assayag continued the live session with a walk around Start-up Valley. Most of the Salesforce Incubator companies were in attendance to talk about their time at the Incubator and what they enjoyed most at TrailheaDX 2017.

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