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Check Your Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness

Check Your Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Instructions

*Updated May 3rd, 2023, from a previously posted blog.

First released in the Summer ‘17 release, Salesforce released the Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Report to help you prepare to activate Sales Cloud Einstein. Within a few clicks, you’ll receive an email with findings report to inform you which Sales Cloud Einstein features you can immediately begin using, as well as those requiring just a few more steps to set up. These checks can include but are not limited to:

  • Einstein Opportunity Scoring

  • Einstein Activity Capture

  • Einstein Lead Scoring

  • Einstein Opportunity Insights

  • Einstein Account Insights

  • Einstein Automated Contacts

  • Einstein Forecasting

To access the readiness check:

1. Navigate to the Setup Menu, and within the “Quick Find Box,” search for 'Assessor' and select 'Sales Cloud Einstein Assessor' or navigate to the browser version here.

Salesforce Settings Search Assess

2. Select the ‘Generate Report’ button for your production environment.

Click Generate Report within Salesforce Settings

3. At this point, you may be prompted to allow the Einstein Readiness Check access to your org. Click on the blue “Allow” button.

Allow Access from Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Assessor App

4. You’ll receive confirmation that your scan has begun. Once completed, you will receive an email with the results.

Preparing tour personalized Salesforce Einstein Readiness Report

5. The contents of this email will look similar to that below.

Hooray! The Report is available

6. Navigate to the 'Files' tab in your Salesforce org. 7. Open the PDF and scroll down until you find the ‘Summary’ section of various features and their readiness statuses.

Supporting Features of Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness

8. Within the results, you will notice items that are ready and others that need attention. Navigate around the document to see any outstanding issues. Below are some examples

Salesforce Edition Sales Cloud on available in Lightning Experience

Einstein Activity Capture saves serious time

Build richer relationships with Einstein

Einstein Lead Scoring - Build More Pipeline Faster

Einstein Opportunity Insights - Pick the Biggest Winners

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