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Check Your Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness

Included in the Summer ‘17 release is a feature to determine whether or not your org is ready for Sales Cloud Einstein. Within a few clicks, you’ll receive an email with a findings report to inform you of which Sales Cloud Einstein features you can immediately begin using as well as those that require just a few more steps to set up. These checks can include but are not limited to:

  • Salesforce Edition and License Type

  • Einstein Activity Capture

  • Einstein Account Insights

  • Einstein Lead Scoring

  • Einstein Opportunity Insights

To access the readiness check:

1. Navigate to the Setup Menu and within the “Quick Find Box”, search for “Readiness Check.” Alternatively, browse to

2. On the next screen, read through the details of the Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness check and then click on the blue “Start Readiness Check” button.

3. At this point, you may be prompted to allow the Einstein Readiness Check access to your org. Click on the blue “Allow” button.

4. You’ll receive confirmation that your scan has been queued up and that your org will be analyzed shortly. Once completed, you’ll receive an email with the results. The subject line of mine was “Your personalized Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Report.”

5. Review the email as it will inform you that the results of the audit are attached as well as within your Salesforce org under the “Files” tab.

6. Open the PDF

7. Scroll down and you’ll find a “Summary” section of various features and their readiness statuses.

8. Within the results, you’ll likely notice some items are ready while others require a few additional steps to get ready. Use any of the “See details” links on the right for more information about those areas, linked to right within that document. Below are some examples

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