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CRM Science Goes Live from the Salesforce Incubator with Special Guest from Usersnap (Week 3 & 4

Weeks 3 and 4 at the Salesforce Incubator were interesting and eventful. The CRM Science crew continued mentoring the start-ups by getting them more familiar with Salesforce technologies and the Salesforce community and ecosystem.

In this weeks recap, we were joined by Florian Dorfbauer from Usersnap. Usersnap is one of the companies featured in the current Salesforce Incubator cohort.

Ami, Sean and Florian chatted about some of the common themes from the last two weeks in the incubator, like using PredictionIO with Salesforce, building applications designed for both Lightning and Visualforce, and even some business considerations for startups who wish to become Salesforce ISVs.

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