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Welcome to the CRM Science #Cubeforce Community!

We thrive in solving Salesforce puzzles at CRM Science. We love to scope out and deliver successful Salesforce solutions with our clients vision in mind. So it comes natural that the same culture that produces an avid desire to crunch code also enjoys sharing its passion for a good puzzle. If you've talked with one of our CRM Science lab coats at a Salesforce event you've likely received one of our infamous calendar cubes. With hundreds of CRM Science calendar cubes in the hands of people around the world a community of cube-solving friends has formed on Twitter.

We reached out to the CRM Science community asked for suggestions for a good hashtag to gather daily around. Ideas rapidly were tweeted out, like #CubeParty, #CubeScience, and #CRMScienceC3. Sandy Hubbard's hashtag suggestion of #Cubeforce perfectly nailed our love of Salesforce and speed cube puzzles.

Almost everyday, faithful folks take a few minutes to solve the calendar cube and then share a picture of it. At first, pictures were fairly straightforward shots with the calendar cube at someone's desk or next to a laptop. But as people began to discover one another's pictures through the @CRMScience twitter handle's retweets, it spurred creative cube placements. Cubes started showing up in pictures with table settings, with scenes from holiday festivities, and other contexts.

We've gathered our top 10 favorite #Cubeforce posts from 2016. Thank you to our growing community. We can't wait to see your creativity thrive in the new year! Makes sure you follow our #Cubeforce community members on Twitter and retweet your vote for your favorite below!

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