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Thanks for Joining Us at the CRM Science Puzzle Party at Dreamforce 2016!

The CRM Science Puzzle Party hosted at the Eventbrite headquarters during Dreamforce 2016 was a blast! Like last year, the giant rubik's cubes and two giant Jenga games were a hit, and we had lots of fun with other games and puzzles while we enjoyed great food, drinks, and deserts! It was also awesome to see everybody trying on our cool lab coats and taking fun pictures! We've gathered some of our favorite pictures from the party and have shared them here.

Of course one of the best parts of the Puzzle Party are the puzzles themselves. We gave four GIANT cubes away this year! For those who arrived within the first 45 minutes, they had a chance at winning an amazon gift card unlocked through ball maze. We love that the CRM Science community rallied and celebrated the winners with cheers and applause!

"Imagine office happy hour on a Friday with all your friends and just the right dose of party added in. The lab coats at CRM Science have synthesized the winning concoction for an amazing experience." -Daniel Peter, Salesforce MVP

"2016 was my first time attending the CRM Science Puzzle Party at Dreamforce. It will NOT be my last time. Unlike a lot of the other Dreamforce parties, this was one that seemed to be truly focused on getting people to engage in conversations rather than forcing them to yell and scream at each other over loud music. The venue was wide open, well lit and loaded down with games to help people connect. Sure, there were drinks and food too, that's almost a must for a Dreamforce party, and there was a good crowd too, but it did not feel too crowded. I was able to have meaningful conversations with several people in the span of about 60 minutes - great event with equally great attendees and conversations." -Eric Dreshfield, Salesforce MVP

"The CRM Science Puzzle Party was a good opportunity to meet and collaborate with others in the Salesforce community, and enhanced my learning journey of the broader ecosystem." -Justice Sikakane, Dreamforce Speaker

We are already looking forward to Dreamforce 2017, and to improve the Puzzle Party! Please let us know how well we did and leave your comments here:


If you would like our Lab Coats to help solve your Salesforce puzzle, contact us here:

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