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Trailblazing Customer Success in the Salesforce Economy

Today Salesforce released the results of new research by IDC, forecasting that the Salesforce Economy will continue to raise the tide for all the boats in their ecosystem. IDC estimates that from 2015 to 2020, over 1.9 million jobs and almost $390 billion in new GDP impact will be attributable to the growth and impact of Salesforce’s footprint in the global economy.

Here at CRM Science, our own success over the past few years clearly demonstrates the opportunities for expansion and growth as a partner of Salesforce. Just a few months ago we made our debut on the Inc. 500/5000 list, jumping in our first year of eligibility to be the 267th fastest growing privately-held company in the US, and the Number 1 fastest growing Salesforce consultancy. Last year we were 9th on the Philly 100 list of fastest growing privately-held companies, and this year we are on the Philly 100 list again! (Updates on where we placed on the Philly 100 this year will be released later this fall). Our consultancy has continued to grow in size as we’ve been fortunate to add new team members year after year, mirroring the growth in opportunities for Salesforce professionals amongst partners and customers alike.

We are also excited to see the AppExchange hit the huge milestone of 4 million app installs by Salesforce customers since it was launched 10 years ago! We are privileged to be working with some other great Salesforce AppExchange partners like GeoPointe and TaskRay that are also amazing Salesforce Economy success stories and are helping Salesforce customers be more successful and expand their use of the platform. CRM Science is also an official Product Development Partner of Salesforce, and we help new and existing Salesforce AppExchange partners launch and enhance their apps for Salesforce customers. These apps connect new customers to the Salesforce Economy, and help them generate success that is greater than the sum of the parts of these complementary solutions.

How does this all this growth and success happen in the Salesforce Economy? It starts with a fantastic customer companies, like AAMCO and ACTS, who choose to implement Salesforce – the best cloud platform for building lightning fast enterprise business process applications! First, customer companies that engage with proven and trusted Salesforce partners like CRM Science are guided through the process of migrating legacy applications and processes to the cloud. Second, product development and system integration partners develop and discover applications on the Salesforce AppExchange to unlock their organization’s potential. These typically are opportunities that have been previously unthinkable or unattainable with the client’s legacy software. Third, successful Salesforce customers think about the capabilities and integrations that empower their operations to be more effective and efficient. And, finally, successful Salesforce customers invest in ongoing training and hiring to expand their team of Salesforce professionals. These investments insure that their use of the Salesforce platform will grow their enterprise, make their own customers more successful, and ultimately grows the Salesforce Economy.

CRM Science is excited to be a part of this revolution in the information technology marketplace! We see the great potential for Salesforce customers to unlock much more capability from the platform with the Lightning Experience, Wave Analytics, and Einstein AI. We look forward to all of the innovation and opportunity that is continually unfolding in the Salesforce Economy. Please join us at Dreamforce to celebrate this success and tell us how you are utilizing the Salesforce platform in your enterprise!


If your company or nonprofit is interested in trailblazing to new success in the Salesforce Economy, contact us:

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