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Resources from 'Using Apex for REST Integration' Webinar

Ami Assayag and Kirk Steffke joined Josh Birk and Salesforce Developer Relations to present "Using Apex for REST Integration" webinar on March 15, 2016, where they introduced attendees to the world of Apex integration.

As you can imagine, there are numerous topics with in the context of Apex integration, each deserving of their own webinar. Although it's early yet to talk about the next webinar, we are fortunate to have a growing team of labcoat geeks that are just as enthusiastic about Apex integration as Ami and Kirk.

So riding this wave of excitement on all things API, over the next few weeks we will be putting together our next API themed series of Lab Coat Lessons.

API Lab Coat Series:

  • Authentication

  • cURL for Watson

  • Deserialization Techniques

  • Callouts w/ Lightning Components

  • Other Useful Tools

  • Curious about something else? Let us know!

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