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CRM Science is Fighting MS with Salesforce & Friends

CRM Science has joined Salesforce and Friends to fight Multiple Sclerosis by sponsoring and participating in the MS: Waves to Wine Ride September 24th and 25th in San Francisco. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body.

The Salesforce Waves to Wine efforts have helped fund new therapies targeted to either slow, stop, or ultimately repair the damage done to individuals living with MS.

Facts About MS Research:

• 60 years ago there were NO therapies.

• 10 years ago there were 4.

• Today there are 16!

Currently, people with MS are living improved lives as a result of scientists making breakthroughs at a record pace. A significant portion of this progress is happening in San Francisco at UCSF, funded by your donations.

CRM Science Giving Back

CRM Science is sponsoring four "Dollar for Dollar" fund matching challenges! We've made this possible through our partnership with the Salesforce Waves to Wine team. The first challenge began Monday (3/21) and ran for about a week. Donations made or received to the Salesforce Waves To Wine Team were matched up to the first $5,000! The second challenge began Sunday, (5/15) and will run until the $5,000 is exhausted.

“We are fortunate to be part of the Salesforce business ecosystem that supports giving to charitable causes. CRM Science is grateful for the opportunity to contribute financially to fighting MS through the Salesforce and Friends Waves to Wine Bike Ride Team. I, along with a number of other CRM Science employees, will be participating in the ride this September 24th and 25th.” -Ami Assayag, CRM Science Founder and Architect

Please consider donating to one of our CRM Science Team Members and join us in the fight against MS:

Ami Assayag

CRM Science Waves to Wine Team Captain

Support Ami's efforts here

Kirk Steffke

CRM Science Team Waves to Wine Rider

Support Kirk's efforts here

Alex Sutherland

CRM Science Team Waves to Wine Rider

Support Alex's efforts here

Zachary Jeans

CRM Science Team Waves to Wine Rider

Support Zachary's efforts here

Yad Jayanth

CRM Science Team Waves to Wine Rider

Support Yad's efforts here

Mike Katulka

CRM Science Team Waves to Wine Rider

Support Mike's efforts here

Joe Griffith

CRM Science Team Waves to Wine Rider

Support Joe's efforts here

Better weather for getting outside and riding is steadily arriving around the country. Salesforce & Friends Bike MS teams are on a record setting pace this year. Currently there are a total of 8 teams in California (121), Colorado (10), Georgia (1), Illinois (17), Indiana (6), Minnesota (12), Oregon (2), Washington (1).

Waves to Wine will be featuring the registration discount, ‘SPRING’ for a $17 registration fee 3/21 through 3/26.

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