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A Pleasure Working With CRM Science

Cheryl Feldman, Salesforce MVP, recently took some time to shine a light on the CRM Science team. Cheryl is a tremendous advocate for the Salesforce platform, and women in tech. She regularly leads the NYC Salesforce Women In Tech group, along with the NYC Salesforce User Group. Her review of CRM Science is more than a couple ‘fill in the blank’ sentences. Really what she has offered is a personal, human, take on CRM Science.

“I had the pleasure of working with four CRM Science developers on a daily basis for a few months in 2015, during which, they consistently exceeded my expectations. CRM Science produced amazing visualforce pages, as well as implemented intricate, and complex, Apex solutions. The project for we worked on together involved fixing existing complex code as well as an upgrade to a robust third party product. We accomplished the goal of making the client’s Salesforce Org more efficient while providing additional functionality and automation for the end user. Even though I have been doing Salesforce 'stuff' for over a decade, and have collaborated with a multitude of developers, this was the FIRST project where everyone on the development team was a strong contributor. Not only did CRM Science deliver what was asked of them, but they provided best practice suggestions for our client. The CRM Science team illustrated how our client could achieve a long term, scalable, solution, with a simple plan in mind for the end user.

As a Technical Business Analyst, I learned two important things from my experience working with CRM Science. The first is that anything can be done with the right architecture and design. CRM Science made things happen in Salesforce that other developers told me simply wasn’t possible. And second, that thinking about the user experience is just as important as thinking about how the project requirement gets done. CRM Science emphasized the importance of not only thinking about what would make sense from a business and technology standpoint, but also from a user experience standpoint. They cared deeply about how the end users would be using various features, and if would it be easy to understand.

Let me give a little backstory to highlight the character of the people at CRM Science. Prior to working with Alex, Scott, Mike and Ami on the project, I had already known hem from the Salesforce community. In fact, I had met Alex Sutherland almost a decade prior on the old Salesforce Developer Boards during a time when I was having a challenge with a complex validation rule. After a few back and forth posts on the dev boards, Alex told me he would be willing to have a call with me to walk me through it. He didn’t know me from a hole-in-the-wall, but he helped me solve that challenge. That’s when I became president of the Alex Sutherland fan club.

Over the years since, I have seen Alex and the CRM Science team help many admins and developers through the Salesforce community, as well as by doing free code consultations in developer zones at Salesforce events, like Dreamforce. CRM Science never makes anyone feel silly or stupid for asking questions. They are always willing to teach and share what they know. It was truly an honor to work on a team with Alex, Scott, Mike and Ami because they helped me grow and understand more about the platform.

I learned so much from CRM Science team. I will be forever grateful for the time I got get to spend working with the CRM Science developer team. If given the opportunity to hire CRM Science as a development partner I would do so again in a heartbeat.” ~Cheryl Feldman

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