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Ami Assayag and Mike Katulka to Present at Dreamforce 2015

Once again this year CRM Science founder Ami Assayag has been selected to be a Presenter for Dreamforce 2015. This is the 4th year in a row that Ami has been selected to present at Dreamforce, with previous presentations highlighted in both the Developer Zone and other areas at the convention. Ami has had a wealth of experience presenting at various events on the East Coast for Developer topics as well.

Ami recently completed a presentation called "Salesforce Integrations: Mapping Agents" at the Salesforce World Tour in New York City. In addition to Dreamforce Events, he's also been a regular presenter at Phillyforce, a local user meetup based in suburban Philadelphia.

MIke Katulka, Technical Lead at CRM Science, will be joining Ami as a presenter for this year's session entitled "Generically Calling External Classes from Managed Packages", which looks at how to build a completely generic interface architecture that can call any external class from within a managed package. With platform growth and development increasingly becoming a valued part of a Salesforce org, we expect that this event will be well attended and a great learning opportunity for those attending this year's conference.

Congratulations to Ami and Mike on being selected to speak at Dreamforce! We will bring you a wrap after this year's Dreamforce conference concludes.

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