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Geeks at Rest (CRM Science Picnic 2015)

We wrapped up the work week on Friday by bringing a few of our more distant team members in for a coworking day. We held a very positive company wide meeting, highlighting the past few months, new team members, and our upcoming Dreamforce efforts (which we're all very excited for). I think a few of us got teary-eyed...from laughing so hard on that call. Apparently we're not just a bunch of developer geeks, we're a bunch of comedians too... or at least we think so. The fun didn't stop there, we continued the conversation and laughs downstairs for lunch, then proceeded to finish up our work for the day (well, most of us - a few diehards on the team) and then went indoor rock climbing.

As if that wasn't enough, we had our company picnic on Saturday with tons of great BBQ, desserts, and volleyball with our friends, clients, and families.

Sound like a great place to work? It is! Contact us about open roles here.

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