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Ami Assayag and Kirk Steffke to Present Dreamforce 2014 Partner Track Session!


Ami Assayag and Kirk Steffke will be presenting a Partner Track presentation titled "Generic Package Extension Architecture for AppExchange Partners" at Dreamforce '14.

This session will review how to implement a package architecture that leverages an interface to generically call external packages or even methods in a target org that are unknown during the base package build.

Salesforce partners often have to dodge complexities that relate to the multi-tenancy nature of the Salesforce platform. A partner package can be installed into different edition orgs with unknown sharing models and may need to interact with unique custom objects on these orgs.

Many of these complexities can be handled by dynamic handling of SOQL and object, but sometimes more drastic measures need to be taken. This session will include going through the required steps to write a completely generic interface architecture that can call any external class, as well as other tips and tricks that make AppExchange package development a snap!

Dreamforce 2014, the biggest Salesforce conference of the year will take place October 13-16 in San Francisco, CA. The CRM Science session is scheduled for Tuesday, 10/14/2014 at 11:00 AM.

All Dreamforce attendees are invited and if you'd like to dialogue with our team members before or after the event let us know.

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