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Join CRM Science & Aidentified for cocktails and conversation at the exclusive Wingtip Club, which offers spectacular views of San Francisco from the penthouse terrace. We look forward to seeing you there!

When: Tuesday, September 20th at 6 PM PST
Where: 550 Montgomery St 11th Floor

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​Serving a high elevation medium roast house blend as well as a fruit-forward high elevation natural process light roast

Pour over & Aeropress

9am - noon​


CRM Science Dreamforce Headquarters

649 Mission St #500

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CRM Science's Taylor Kingsbury's Dreamforce 2022 Session

Join CRM Science's Taylor Kingsbury for his session on "Simplify your Lightning Web Components using Quick Actions" on Thursday, September 22nd at 1 pm. Bookmark the session below. 

 Quick actions provide a method for running your lightning web components from a record page with a single button click. We'll focus on how both headless quick actions and screen quick actions can be utilized to simplify and streamline the implementation of common tasks such as editing records and calling Apex methods. Focus your components on their intended purpose and let quick actions handle the delivery and presentation.


Are you in SF for Dreamforce this September?
Come meet a Labcoat there!

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If you can't make it to Dreamforce you can still enjoy the content virtually with Salesforce+!

 September 20-22, 2022

Did you miss Slack Frontiers and Salesforce World Tour?

This year, on June 22nd and June 23rd, we were able to attend Slack Frontiers and Salesforce World Tour NYC! If you were unable to attend, we'll go over some of what you may have missed. Starting off Slack Frontiers with Stewart Butterfield's kick-off session, "When the world changes, your plans need to change" and "Organizations need to stay aligned through those changes", implying that your organization needs to keep up with the world by changing plans. Next up, Tamar Yehoshua had a session going over the "Future of Work", "What’s the future of work? What were we doing before the pandemic? Is what we were doing working? What’s happening today is that we’re all motivated to embrace a better way to work?"


To kick off Salesforce World Tour, the starting session began with Bret Taylor's "Customer Success in The New Economy" where the focus was on Customer 360. Then there was Meghan Gendelman's "Innovating through Challenging Times for Financial Services" session where she focused on innovating the office structure.

If you'd like to see more, check out Salesforce+ for the recorded replays!

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